Bluedio A Air Headphones Review

Today I Will review the Bluedio A wireless headphones. I bought them from Gearbest – a trusted and well known website that sells original headphones made by many companies. These headphones can be bought from Amazon as well. At first, I did not expect too much from these headphones – they are not very expensive. But – I was really surprised. The sound quality of these headphones is really good. The drivers are 57mm big, – very powerful and loud. The basses are deep and powerful as well. You can even enable the 3D sound mode by pressing 2 buttons (there is a built in  3D DSP processor). I tried and owned many headphones till now (including many wireless ones) and I can tell you for sure – these headphones do deliver great sound quality, even when compared to more expensive headphones.

Bluedio Air Headphones
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The Bluetooth 4.1 connection is stable and does not get disconnected. The Frqeuency range is 2.4GHz- 2.48GHz (pretty standard).  You can pair these headphones with any Bluetooth-enabled device within seconds. You can even buy an additional Bluetooth transmitter – and pair these headphones with your TV. That’s what i’m planning to do – soon I will order this device (and post an additional review).

The build quality of the Bluedio Air headphones is very good – The headband is very flexible and I really liked that. It does not seem like these headphones will break any time soon.  As I already mentioned – these headphones are not expensive – and still, they are made from high quality materials. You really can’t tell they are cheaply made or they look cheap. They are not heavy at all – but they feel solid in your hands.

The design of these wireless headphones is unique. You can get them in 2 colors – black and white.I think the white version is more “girly”, I liked the black headphones more. You can take these headphones outside – no problem at all, they look nice. Some people will say that the design is “too childish” but I really don’t think so. The black version looks cool and unique, and I would really have no problem walking outside with these headphones on (and believe me – that’s a very good sign for you 🙂 ). More and more headphone companies are starting to invest more in the design of their products. People now days want well designed headphones and not only well sounding ones. I know for sure that for some people – the design of their headphones is more important than the sound quality ! I personally could not care less about the design of my headphones (when using them indoors) – but if you can get good sound and nice design – why not? I mean, you already pay for the headphones – so get the best value for your money.

Bluedio A Air Headband


You also get many cables with these headphones (and that surprised me – about $20 worth of cables are included)..You can use them in wired mode – and that’s something I really liked. When you run out of battery – you can just use the cable, and continue listening to your music. One of the cables has an inline remote.Very useful, and unfortunately even much more expensive wireless headphones – sometimes do not come with this kind of cables.

Bluedio A Air In-Line Remote

The Bluedio A headphones come with a carrying case – I can not say it’s as well made as the headphones themselves , but it’s not too bad. You should use it if you travel and want to protect your headphones. As I mentioned before – they are well made and I don’t think it’s easy to break them – but just to be safe, use the carrying case. The package itself of these headphones is pretty big – and when I opened it, I could definitely see much thought was put into it. You get the feeling of opening and unboxing very expensive headphones.

Bluedio A Air Box

These wireless headphones are very comfortable and can be used for long periods of time. That’s very important to me – since I listen to audio books and I need my headphones to be super comfortable. The headband is very flexible – but the headphones are not too loose and the fit is pretty snug.

Bluedio A Air Carrying Case
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Bluedio is a well known Chinese company that makes really good headphones. Some of these wireless headphones are expensive, and some are pretty cheap. It’s a company you can trust, the customer supports is great. I will definitely  buy more products made by them. They don’t ever price their headphones – and because the brand is not as well known as Sony for example – you get great quality headphones for not so much money.

I hope you liked my Bluedio Air Review. If you have any question about these headphones – comment below. Also, check out other headphone reviews on our website. If you would like us to review specific headphones – you can contact us directly or comment below. Make sure to like and share this review with your friends 🙂


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