Creative WP-450 Headphones Review


  • Great sound quality.

    Creative WP-450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
    Creative WP-450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
  • Good build-quality.
  • Powerful bass
  • Apt-X codec.
  • These headphones are very comfortable.
  • Low price.


Creative WP-450 Are Perfect For Those Who Look For:

  • Comfortablw wireless headphones with impressive sound quality.
  • Affordable Bluetooth headphones with deep and powerful bass.

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  • Creative Bluetooth Audio USB Transmitter – Use this adapter to easily connect your Bluetooth headphones to your computer.

Creative WP-450 Alternatives :

Creative WP-350
Creative WP-350

If you are looking to buy wireless  headphones but don’t want to spend too much money – then you should definitely consider buying one of Creative’s headphones. This company makes great headphones for reasonable price. The Creative WP-450 headphones are good example. They are not expensive- and still deliver great sound quality. For their price – you won’t find better sounding wireless headphones.Creative WP-450

On Amazon, you will find many Creative WP-450 reviews. They are written by customers that actually bought these headphones. I read some of the reviews there – and I must say – most people really like the Creative WP-450 Bluetooth headphones ! Great value for your money,

These headphones also have built-in invisible microphone. It works really well. You can accept calls without taking your smartphone out – and that’s very useful and time saving.

The design of these wireless headphones is nice as well. They don’t only look nice – these headphones are also very comfortable. In the past I came across headphones that looked nice, sounded great but their fit was very bad. I could not use them for too much time without taking a break. That’s why I recommend anyone to read reviews online before buying headphones. If most people mention that the headphones are comfortable – then, they probably are (in most cases).

If you want to connect these headphones to your computer – you can buy Creative’s USB adapter. It’s not cheap, but worth it. You will be able to use it with out Bluetooth headphones as well.

I hope you will find my Creative WP-450 review helpful. If you have any questions – comment below and I will gladly provide you with answers.


Creative WP-450
Written by: ReviewBez
4.7 / 5 stars

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