ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review

The ICEORB is a unique Portable Bluetooth speaker. It actually floats ! It is the coolest wireless speaker I ever came across. This time I will review it and tell you if it’s worth buying.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the ICEORB portable wireless floating Bluetooth speaker is really good. Since it spins in 360 degrees – everyone in the room will hear it “uniquely”. Floating speakers are very popular now, so there are many of them you can choose from. If you want a speaker with (much) better sound quality – check out the Mars Floating (Amazon link) Bluetooth speaker. It is popular as well, and trust me – the sound quality is mind blowing. The floating abilities of it are excellent as well.

ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

You can easily connect the ICE ORB speaker to any smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. It also has built-in NFC – which is a big advantage. Other great floating speakers like MMSS MOXO X -1 (Amazon link) also offer NFC (and a pretty good sound quality actually). In my opinion, you should only buy Bluetooth speakers (even not floating ones) with NFC. It makes pairing much easier (as long as you also have a NFC enabled smartphone).


As I mentioned, the ICEORB Bluetooth speaker looks really cool. The design is just amazing. This wireless speaker will be an eye-catcher in any party – that’s for sure. Most people will buy this speaker because of it’s design and floating option, not because of the sound quality (which again, is great). There are many other similar floating speakers online, but I think ICEORB is still pretty unique. That’s also why it is so popular now. It is available currently in 2 colors : black/green (which looks really good in my opinion) and white/blue (pretty nice as well).

The Floating Feature

The ORB speaker comes with a circular base, which levitates the speaker itself. You can use this base as a charging dock (when connected to a direct power source). The speaker floats really well – it looks so cool. Battery time is not too bad as well, much better than the cheap alternatives. As you can probably guess – floating speakers consume more battery than regular Bluetooth speakers.

ICEORB Floating Speaker
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Worth Buying Or Not

If you are looking for a super cool and unique Bluetooth speaker – then definitely buy this one. It works really well, and provides good value for your money. If you don’t really need the floating feature, than I would recommend buying a regular Bluetooth speaker instead. There are many of them, and because they don’t have the floating system – they will provide better sound quality for the same money.  I persoanlly think that it is great to own a speaker like ICEORB for small parties , and just for fun. ICEORB is very popular now, and trust me – for a good reason. It’s amazing.

If you budget allows it, check out the Mars floating speaker I mentioned earlier. In my opinion it is the best floating speaker currently. You can also find many YouTube videos about it.

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