Sony CMTBT60 Micro Music System Review

Sound Quality of Sony CMTBT60

More and more people now days are buying micro sound system. They are not very expensive, and most of them have really useful features and abilities. The Sony CMTBT60  is a very popular micro music system. It can play music from USB devices, Bluetooth and disc CDs. It works really well, and it’s actually pretty easy to use (but don’t let that fact fool you – this device is full of great features). The sound quality is impressive. I surely can’t compare it to speakers that cost twice as much, but the sound quality is great for the price. You probably will have a hard time finding a better sounding system, that costs the same. You can read many Sony CMTBT60 reviews online and see for yourself – the good sound quality is mentioned by many.

Sony CMTBT60 Micro Music System
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Sony CMTBT60 Design

This music system is well designed and looks really nice and stylish. Sony really improved their designs over the years. In the past – all their products were looking “standart” and robotic. Now – it’s completely different. That’s why Sony still sells so many electronic devices each year!

Build Quality

While the Sony CMTBT60 mini sound system is not very expensive, you can’t say it’s cheap. Therefore, you can expect good build quality, right? Well, Sony’s products are well made, and this speaker is not an exception.  It looks and feels like a premium device. I would not recommend dropping it on the floor, but other than that – I think this device can last many years without any problem. You always have Sony’s warranty just in case something does happen.

Similar Systems

The Panasonic SC-HC39 home audio micro system is as advanced, but it has some unique features you should check out.

Sony CMTBT60
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I hope you liked my Sony CMTBT60 review. If you have any questions – comment below. If you just need a simple Bluetooth speaker without “extra” features – check out our Bose SoundLink Mini review.


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