Sony MDRZX770BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Today I will review the excellent Sony MDRZX770BT Bluetooth headphones and see if they are worth buying. I own the white version of the Sony MDRZX770BT (Amazon link)

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Sound Quality

The Sony MDRZX770BT Bluetooth headphones offers a unique Audio experience, due to it’s 40mm driver,which deliver a full and rich sound while also delivering a high quality bass which will make your experience superb a quality that is the most important charterer in a quality headphones such as the Sony MDRZX770BT.

The sound quality of these headphones is very good, even when compared to more expensive Bluetooth headphones like the JBL E50BT (Amazon link).


while most headphone are bulky or too fragile, the Sony MDRZX770 (Amazon link)  headphones are built both for lasting and for comfort while also staying quite elegant ,With a cable – free and neat over ear design the Sony MDRZX770BT Bluetooth headphones even comes in black and blue.

Comfort & usage

The Sony MDRZX770BT Offer a high level of comfort due to its high quality on ear design and snug fit, while also being care free about the cable getting loose or it getting tangled,as such you can use them on the go.
The special digital noise canceling technology reduces any ambient noises, so that you could hear even more of your most loved music.
using the built in microphone you can make calls from your smart phone with ease.


Has it ever happened to that your cable got tangled, disconnected or even broke? well with The Sony MDRZX770BT headphones it won’t happen again, due to its wireless connection you can easily connect to any of your favorite music players while keeping them in your pocket without any cables interfering or annoying you. and of course it comes with an audio cable just in case your device doesn’t support wireless connection.


while most headphones are expensive due to their design and company name , the Sony MDRZX770BN is an exception,you pay for the performance which is second to none in that price range.

Buttery Life

when using a Bluetooth headphone the second most important thing is battery life, how often did it happen to you that you were listening to your favorite music and suddenly your battery died? with the Sony MDRZX770BN it will rarely happen to you (if even) with its internal rechargeable battery which can go up to 13 hours of music playing via wireless connection or you can use the included audio cable for a reduced battery usage.

If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones with longer lasting battery – check out the BOHM wireless headphones on Amazon.

Sony Made

Sony is well known for making headphones with great sound quality. Some companies invest more money and time designing their headphones than improving the sound quality. That’s why i only buy headphones from companies like Sony that still consistently improves their drivers and hardware. When you buy expensive headphones – you expect getting great sound quality

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