VXi BlueParrott B350-XT Headset Review

Finding the best noise cancelling headset it not easy at all.  This time I will review the VXi BlueParrott B350-XT headset and see if it’s worth buying or not. I will also mention and write about some of it’s alternatives.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these headphones is excellent – the tones are rich and deep, and overall – everything sounds really good. VXI is a great company in my opinion that makes excellent audio related products. Their headsets/headphones provide great sound quality. In my opinion, the BlueParrott B350-XT is one of the best headsets in it’s price category. The battery life is good as well.

By the way, I also recommend checking out the Jabra SUPREME  (Amazon link) headset. It too provides great sound quality. Some people will prefer buying a headset made by a company like Jabra because it’s better known and more popular.

Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon


The microphone of the VXi B350-XT headset is really amazing. Many reviewers online mention that it’s noise cancelling feature works perfectly. You can use this headset in noisy places, and the microphone will cancel most of the unwanted background noises. There are many noise cancelling headphones and headsets online, but not all of them work as good as VXi BlueParrott B350. VXI really did a great job developing their noise cancelling technology.


This headset is comfortable and can be used for long hours, no problem at all. Its lightweight, and the ear cup is great – very comfortable. There are many reviews of this headset online, and I notices that most of them mention the fact this headset is super comfortable.

Similar Headsets

There are many similar headsets online, not all of them provide the same quality and noise cancellation of VXi B350-XT of course. I really like Jabra’s headset (picture below) – I think it’s great and works really well. It provides good sound quality and value for the money.


Jabra SUPREME Driver's Editio
Jabra SUPREME Driver’s Edition
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I hope my VXi BlueParrott B350 review will help you decide if this headset fits your needs. I also invite you to check out other audio related articles on our website. We post reviews of headphones, earphones, headsets and even music players on weekly basis. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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VXi BlueParrott B350-XT
Written by: ReviewBez
4.7 / 5 stars


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