Westone W20 In-ear Headphones Review

This time I will review the well known and popular Westone W20 in-ear earphones. I will test them out and see it they are worth buying. In addition, I will also talk bout the alternatives.

Sound Quality

I must say that the sound quality of the Westone W20 (Amazon link) is just amazing ! They feature dual balanced armature (BA) drivers. I am really impressed by how these earphones sound – incredible ! The bass is powerful and well rounded, but I must say that personally, I like the bass characteristics of the RHA T20 Earphones (Amazon link) more. I recommend checking these in-earphones as well (they are in the same category pretty much).


The cable is detachable and that’s a huge advantage. If something happens to the cable – you will be able to replace it. The in-line remote works really well.

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I own the Shure SE215 headphones as well, and after some years of use – the cable “gave up”. I ordered a replacement cable from eBay, and now the earphones work perfectly. There are many “premium” Westone / Shure cables online.


Westone UM PRO 20 are very comfortable. I can use them for hours without feeling any discomfort. These earphones come with many different eartips – choosing a good fitting one is very important.

Sound Isolation

The sound isolation of the Westone W20 dual driver headphones is actually very good. Especially if you choose a good fitting ear tip.


The Westone UM PRO 20 earphones come with one cable, a protective case (I really liked it – great quality and very useful) and many different eartips. A cleaning tool is included as well.

Similar Headphones

 RHA T20View On Amazon
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Old Review ( Previous Version) :

Westone is a company I really like. I think they make amazing headphones. Yes, they are not cheap – but you are really paying for quality. Their headphones are Westone W20professional and made for people that appreciate sound quality. It’s not a secret that there are many cheap headphones online. But – as you might already know – the difference is in the sound. Most of the times – expensive headphones sound better than cheap ones. Not always – but most of the times. On of the reasons i like the Westone W20 headphones so much is their amazing sound quality. They are pretty expensive – and they sound like it.

I recommend paring the Westone W20 in-ear headphones with a good music player like Fiio X5. But – you can also just connect them to your smartphone. This days some smartphones (like Samsung Galaxy S6 for example) provide a decent sound quality. Not as good as a music player’s of course – but still – the sound quality is decent.

The Westone W20 in-ear headphones are very comfortable. You can definitely use them for long periods of time. I think that comfort is a t least as important as sound quality.

The Westone W20 headphones also look nice. They are well designed – no doubt. Westone really knows how to make nice looking headphones.

Overall – I think these headphones are great and I recommend buying them.

I hope you liked my Westone W20 review. If you have any questions – comment below. Also, if you don’t know which Westone headphones are the best for your needs – contact us and we will gladly help you make a decision.  Also, check out other headphone reviews on our website. We reviewed many in-ear headphones in the last few month.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Westone W20″ author=”ReviewBez” user_review=”4.7″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

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