Westone W30 In-ear Headphones Review

Westone is a well known earphones manufacture. I personally really like their products. I think they offer amazing value for the money. They make affordable earphones, as well as professional ones. So pretty much, anyone with any budget can find great Westone earphones. This time I will review their more advanced (“professional”) model – Westone W30 (Amazon link).

Sound – 4.8/5

The sound quality of the Westone W30 earphones is stunning. These noise isolating earphones feature 3 drivers (triple driver) – and the result is just unbelievable. The bass is fairly tight.

Do remember that these earphones should be paired with a good music player (like Fiio X5 for example) for maximum results.But still,  I know some people that connect their “professional” earphones to smartphones without any problem (in some cases – using a DAC). But honestly, if you can afford buying a good music player – do so. The difference is noticeable for sure.

Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon

If you liked the Westone W30 earphones, I also recommend checking out the Shure SE425 (Amazon link) earphones. They offer similar sound quality, but some people like them more because they are better known and sold for so many years now.

Comfort – 5/5

The Westone W30 earphones are super comfortable. They stay in your ears, and they are perfect for running and working out. It takes some time until you get used to them (the cable goes over the ear), but believe me – after that you will be very satisfied. These earphones also come with different ear tips – so you can choose the ones that fit you the best. You can buy additional Comply ear tips online (just in case you’ll need them in the future).

Package And Accessories

The Westone W30 isoltaing earphones come with different sets of ear tips, a carrying case, cleaning tool and cables. Everything you need is already included. Just connect them to your smartphone or music player – and enjoy !

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Shure SE425-V
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Westone W30
Written by: ReviewBez
4.8 / 5 stars

Old Review (Previous Version) :

There are many companies that make in-ear headphones, and so many headphones out there ! Sometimes it seems that choosing the best in-ear headphones is impossible. Today i would like to recommend you great headphones named Westone W30. Westone is a company I personally really like. Their headphones are so good ! Their prices are pretty high – but that’s because the headphones are professional and so good. The Westone W30 in-ear headphones sound amazing ! You really have to try them out to understand what i’m talking about.

I recommend connecting headphones this expensive to good music players like Fiio X3. If you don’t have one – then buy it ! But – till then, you can connect your Westone Westone W30W30 to your smartphone. The sound quality will be decent.

The Westone W30 headphones are so comfortable ! I really like the way they fit in the ears. In-ear headphones made by Shure also look similar. I recommend you to also check out some in-ear headphones made by Shure – maybe you will like them better.

The Westone W30 are much better than the previous models : W20 and W10. But – it costs more as well. If you really want to buy the best headphones – Westone W30 headphones are for you. But – if sound quality is not that important, you can also go with the W20 or W10 model. They are good as well. Also, Shure SE215 headphones are not expensive.

I hope you liked my Westone W30 review. If you have any questions about these headphones – comment below or contact us directly. You are also welcome to read other headphone reviews on our website.

The Westone W30 headphones can be bought from Amazon – the cheapest place i found to buy them. By buying from Amazon you can be sure you get original product with warranty.



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