Acko 4K Action Camera Review

Today I will review a very popular camera called Acko 4K.  These days there are so many action cameras to choose from – how can you choose the best one ? I hope that my review will help you decide if this camera fits your needs the best.

Video Quality

The Acko action camera provides really good video quality. It can also record in 4K, but if you want high FPS (frames per second) – choose the 2.7K or 1080P resolution option. If you plan on recording in 4K – you should check out cameras like YI 4K (Amazon link) instead. The Acko sports camera costs much less than professional action cameras – but still provides good video quality. It supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB (not included). It also features wide angle lens which are very important.

Acko 4K

Another great action camera worth checking out is AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link). It is very popular now. It provides great video quality as well. There are many reviews of it online – and it seems like most people really like it. It provides great value for your money as well. Is it better than Acko? You be the judge.


The Acko 4K action camera features built in WIFI. You can easily connect your smartphone to it. All you need to do is download the “Ez Icam” app (Android and iPhone versions are available – you can download the app for free) and pair it with the camera’s WIFI. It does not take long – about 20 or 30 seconds. Just follow the directions, it’s easy.


The screen size is 2.0″ which is average. There are different action cameras with bigger screens, but from my experience – the bigger the screen is , the more bulky the device itself is. I think that 2.0″ is more than enough. Remember that you can always connect the camera to your smartphone and use its screen (and these days most smartphones feature a very big, and high quality screen – so that solves the problem). I also came across cameras with dual screens, but in my opinion it’s really waste of money in most cases.

Battery & Accessories

This action camera comes with different accessories, including a remote control (which is pretty rare in this price range). Using it you can start and stop recording from distance. Same thing can be done through the smartphone, but in my opinion it’s easier and faster using the remote control. You also get different mounts and clips – saving you even more money. A Waterproof case is included as well – it’s easy to install. Currently, the camera comes with 2 batteries, and I guess that may change in the future (most action cameras out there only come with 1 battery). It’s always good to have 2 batteries with you, especially if you plan on recording long videos.

Acko 4K
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A MicroSD memory card is not included -so you will have to buy one in order to use the camera. If you plan on recording 4K videos – you will have to buy a good and fast MicroSD card. There are many of them, I persoanlly recommend the SanDisk Extreme 32GB (Amazon link) card for your Acko 4K camera . It’s really fast and works great.

Ease Of Use

The Acko 4K Sports camera is very easy to use. The user interface is simple and nice. There are many settings, but you have to setup them only once – and that’s it. Connecting the camera to your smartphone is very easy as well. Some will prefer using the included remote control instead.

Value For Money

The Acko 4K sports camera provides amazing value for your money. I am sure that in the future – it will become even more popular. Acko did a great job with this camera, and they even included a remote control and other useful accessions with it. In my opinion it’s one of the best action cameras in its price range – definitely worth buying. If you are still not sure it’s good enough for you – check out other action cameras reviews on our website – like our SOOCOO C30 review.


Acko 4K Wifi Sports Action Ultra HD Digital Camera
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4.9 / 5 stars

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