Action Cameras 2020

Action cameras are extremely popular nowadays. If in the past – you had to spend hundreds of dollars on a GoPro to get a decent camera – now it’s completely different. There are many small Chinese companies that offer affordable action cameras with great video quality.Some of these affordable models became so popular that those “Small Chinese companies” actually became well known worldwide brands.

Take theĀ Dragon Touch 4K as an example. This model is used by tens of thousands of people worldwide. No one 7-8 years ago would have guessed an action camera this good will cost so little. In fact, even 5 years ago – a camera with decent video quality would cost at least twice as much. Those Chinese sports camera companies are now able to source great video sensors and offer a very affordable product for the masses. At first – you might be sceptical and don’t believe an action camera under $50 can deliver any good video quality. But I promise, that after testing one of those action cameras (one from a good company) – you will be surprised. The video quality is some cases is even 4K, and the videos look very good.

Some of these affordable action camera even come with an accessory kit, which is amazing considering the price. on eBay you can also find additional accessories for many action cameras. Thanks to the accessory kits you can easily attach your action camera to almost anything – our bike, windows and more. Most action cameras also come with a waterproof case. After installing the case – you can shoot amazing videos underwater. On YouTube for example you can find many videos shot in the pool or even while diving. Do keep in mind that these waterproof cases in most cases are suitable only up to 100 feet. Which is about 30 meters.

I am sure that in the future, Chinese companies will be able to produce action cameras with even better video quality – and give a real fight, price wise – to GoPro and Sony. I do have to mention that it will take some time – GoPro, Sony and other premium companies use very high quality video sensors which many times – are also developed in house by them. Most small companies that offer cheap cameras – don’t have the budget or the knowledge to develop such sensors.

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