AKASO EK7000 Action Camera Review

AKASO’s action cameras are great, and they are getting more and more popular. Today I will review and talk about one of their more advanced models – AKASO EK7000. In addition, I will mention and compare it to other action cameras in the same price range. So, here is the akaso ek7000 review  :

Video Quality

AKASO EK7000 can record in Full HD, 2.7K and even 4K. The video quality is good, but I personally would recommend it as a Full HD action camera and not a 4K one. The reason for that is the low 4K fps (25 fps). If you record in Full HD – there will be no problem (60fps) and the quality is pretty amazing.

I do want to mention that there are many cameras like EKEN H9R (Amazon link) that provide similiar/ a little bit better video quality. The H9R model is very popular as well – and personally, I like it very much. Eken is well known for their great action cameras. This device uses an advanced image sensor which provides really good video quality. Check both devices and decided which one you like better. Each one has its own pros and cons of course.

AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera
AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera

If you really care about video quality – make sure to also check out the YI 4K (Amazon link) action camera. While it is indeed – not very cheap, it provides amazing value for your money. The video quality is much better than what AKASO EK7000 and EKEN H9R offer. This action camera is made by Xiaomi – a Chinese manufacture well known for their best selling smartphones.


AKASO EK7000 4k has built-in WI-FI. In the past, cameras with it were really expensive. In the recent years,WIFI modules became cheaper and smaller, allowing small companies to use them too. You can connect your AKASO EK7000 sports camera to smartphones and tablets in less than a minute.

The controlling range is 10-15 meters (really depends if there are walls or barriers) which is not too bad. Many people who do “pranks” and upload them to YouTube use the WIFI function to record and view the live stream. There are many free action camera WIFI apps out there. Most of them are free, but it is important to find one that will work properly with your action camera. I came across few action cameras that had a very bad WIFI connection – it always disconnected , and the controlling range was horrible. With the AKASO sports camera you won’t have these problems – the WIFI functions work well. I’m not the only one saying that. Few days ago I read another akaso ek7000 review – and it mentioned that this camera indeed, has a better WIFI module that other models in the market.

Akaso EK7000 Wifi

Even if you don’t need the WIFI options – don’t look for a cheaper camera without WIFI. The price difference is almost nothing, and in most cases – cameras with WIFI also have better chipest and video processor.

Build Quality

I can tell you for sure that AKASO EK7000 is not the best action camera you can buy, for the price – it is really good. Same thing about the quality – there are better built action cameras you can buy, but you will have to pay much more for that. The AKASO EK7000 sports camera is durable and should work well for many years.


The AKASO EK7000 4K action camera currently comes with 2 1050mA batteries. I don’t know if they will include the spare battery in the future as well, so you should check it out before purchasing. Each battery can last up to 60-90 minutes, it really depends on the recording quality of course. It is great to have two batteries because it saves you a lot of time. A friend that helped me write this akaso ek7000 review, even bought additional spare batteries because he does not always have time to charge on vacations.

It is important to mention that these modern batteries should last many charging cycles so I really don’t think you will find yourself buying new ones any time soon. If you do decide to buy additional spare batteries – make sure you buy high quality batteries (Amazon link). It is very important ! Cheap batteries may be dangerous and almost always don’t last as long as the originals.

Akaso EK7000 Battery


The AKASO EK7000 4k camera comes with a kit of accessories. There are many of them, so you probably won’t need to buy any addition ones. All you have to do is buy a good MicroSD memory card and start using the device ! By the way, I really don’t think it is necessary to buy super fast or expensive memory card, unless you plan on recording 2.7K/4K. When recording at 4K for example – the file size is pretty big, and the memory card must be “fast enough” to write all the data.

Akaso EK7000 also comes with a waterproof case. If you want to record videos underwater – just install it (takes less than a minute) and that’s it – your camera is now waterproof. I do want to mention that some people use the waterproof case even outside of water – to add more durability to the camera. I think it is a good idea but remember – this case blocks the microphone so the sound quality won’t be good.

I read a akaso ek7000 review that mentioned that there are cameras that can be used underwater without any cases. Well, in most cases they are much more expensive. Installing the case is really easy – so it’s not a problem at all. In most cases these cameras are used professionally – for example in the movie industry.

AKASO EK7000 Accessories
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Value For Money

In my opinion AKASO EK7000 is a great action camera, and for the price – it is a bargain. Few years ago, you would pay twice as much for an action camera that records in the same quality. I am sure that in the future, this camera will become even more popular. It is a great deal – you get 2 batteries, many mounts, a waterproof case and most importantly – a well working action camera that should work well for many years. The name of this product on Amazon is AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera .

If you have any questions about this sports camera or our Akaso EK7000 review – please comment below. We will gladly answer your questions. Also, make sure to check out other interesting and useful action camera reviews on our website. We do our best to review and test the latest and most popular cameras in the market. If you want to us to review a specific action camera – feel free to contact us. we hope you found this akaso ek7000 review useful !

AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera
Written by: ReviewBez
4.9 / 5 stars


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