ASX ActionPro X Action Camera Review

There are so many sports action cameras out there. GoPro is one of the most known ones of course. The thing is – many people don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. Espceailly those that don’t plan on using it on daily basis. That’s why there are so many cheaper GoPro alternatives nowadays. Some of them are really popular. One of them is ASX ActionPro X .This camera is really good , and this is my full review of it :

Video And Sound Quality

The video quality of the ASX action camera is great. The videos look sharp and nice. Many cheap action cameras are well designed and come with many accessories – but record low quality videos. That’s why it’s so important to read reviews online before deciding to buy an action camera, especially a cheap one. Another action camera with excellent video quality is YI Action Camera (Amazon link). I persoanlly think it is as good as the ASX ActionPro action cam, and it has some great advantages in addition.

The ASX sports camera records in Full HD (1080P), and features wide angle lens – which many people will find very useful. It supports MicroSD memory cards of up to 32GB – so you get plenty of storage space. You can save many videos on one of these MicroSD memory cards. Don’t use bigger memory cards since they won’t be supported and can cause problems.

The sound quality is decent as well. If the sound recording quality is important for you – I would suggest checking out the AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link)  action camera as well. In my opinion its microphone is much better. The AKASO EK7000 sports camera is very popular and offers amazing value for the money. The video quality it offers is really good as well.


This action camera comes with a waterproof case. Install it (pretty simple process) and you will be able to record really cool videos underwater. There are some action cameras that can be used underwater without any case, but they are much more expensive. Since it does not take too long to install and remove the case, I don’t think it’s a big problem at all.

ASX ActionPro X
ASX ActionPro X Action Camera
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Accessory Kit

The ASX ActionPro X sports camera comes with an accessory kit –  You can start using this action camera right away – everything you need (cases, mounts, clips and cables) is already included (except the  MicroSD memory card) . That’s a big advantage. If you buy an action camera that comes without any mounts and accessories – you will probably have to spend more money buying them. And these accessories are not cheap at all. Do keep in mind that you need to purchase a MicroSD memory card separately. The basic 32GB ones will work perfectly (Sandisk’s memory cards are great. I also like Sony’s MicroSDs, they are fast and reliable).

Online you can find quite some ASX ActionPro X reviews .This action camera is pretty popular. Most people seem to really like it. Of course it has some cons – but that’s ok – every action camera (especially this cheap) has it’s own pros and cons. You just need to choose the best action sports camera for your needs. On our website you can find different action camera reviews. We post reviews of super cheap cameras and expensive ones (like GoPro).

If you have any questions regarding the ASX ActionPro X – feel free comment below.

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