Campark ACT74 Action Cam Review

These days you can find hundreds of different action cameras online. While some of them are really expensive (like Go Pro’s cams), others are very affordable – like Campark ACT74. This sports camera is really popular now, and here is my review of it :

Video Quality

First of all, you need to understand that Campark ACT74  is not a professional action camera. It won’t provide you the same video quality as a very expensive “Go Pro” camera. But for the price – it is amazing. The video quality is excellent – more than enough for most people. If you are not a TV producer, and just need a great action camera to use from time to time – Campark ACT74 will be great. In fact, it is almost as good as AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link), which is even more popular. The AKASO cam features a better image sensor – so if that’s important for you – consider buying it instead.

Campark ACT74 can record in 4K which is amazing. In the past you had to pay 5 times as much for a camera with this option. It also supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB  – which is a big advantage (most action cameras in this price range only support 32GB cards).

Campark ACT74 Action Cam

Another great sports  camera worth checking out is the YI action camera (Amazon link). It is made by Xiaomi – a well known brand that mainly sells smartphones and accessories like headphones. Their action cameras are very popular as well, and in my opinion – offer great value for your money. Is the YI cam better than Campark ACT74? It’s hard to tell, it really depends on your needs. If you need the 4K resolution – defiantly go with the Campark camera.

WIFI Connection

The Campark ACT74 action cam has a built-in WIFI connection. This means you can connect your smartphone or tablet to it and view the live stream. The control range is around 10 meters (in open space) which is not too bad. In my opinion it is very important to make sure that you buy an action camera with WIFI – most people find this feature very useful. It’s really easy to pair your smartphone with Campark ACT74 – won’t take you more than a minute. Just download the app, wait for it to find your camera- and that’s it. No complicated settings or anything like that.

Build Quality

Campark ACT74 is a durable sports camera and it feels solid in your hands. It was designed to withstand “extreme situations” and impacts, but that does not mean it can’t be broken. Remember that even expensive action cameras could break – you just need to be careful. Don’t drop the camera from a building for example 🙂 I came across cheap action cameras in the past that felt like they were made from really cheap plastics. This is not the case with Campark ACT74 .

Campark ACT74
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Battery And Accessories

Currently this action camera comes with 2 batteries (that may change in the future), which saves you money and time. Charge them both and you can record for really long periods of time (as long as you have enough space on your memory card). Each battery lasts 30 – 45 minutes, it really depends on the recording quality and other factors. You also get different accessories and mounts – saving you a lot of money !

Value For Money

In my opinion – The Campark ACT74 action cam is defiantly worth buying. It provides amazing value for your money. The video quality is great, build quality is good, and overall – the camera works really well. It has all the features you need – including WIFI.

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Campark ACT74 Action Cam
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