Campark ACT76 Action Camera Review

Campark is well known for their great action cameras. One of their latest models is Campark ACT76. It’s very popular, and today I will review it and tell if you it is really worth buying.

Video Quality

The Campark ACT76 action camera uses Sony’s sensor, which provides amazing video quality. It records in 4K (at 30 frames per second – much better than other cameras) and the videos are clear and sharp. The wide angle lens also make this camera perfect for those who look for a sports camera. Is it better than TomTom Bandit 4k (Amazon link) for example? well, I don’t think so – but for the price – you get an amazing video quality.

Campark ACT76 Action Cam

Another really good action camera worth checking out is YI 4K (Amazon link). It is made by Xiaomi and it is super popular worldwide. Xiaomi is a huge manufacture that produces smartphones, headphones, cameras and more. There are many reviews of this model, and it looks like it has way more pros than cons. I persoanlly really like Xiaomi’s cameras since they are very reliable and provide good video quality.

WIFI + Remote

Campark ACT76 comes with a wireless remote which I’m sure you will find very useful. It works really well and the controlling distance is very good. You can also connect your smartphone to the camera using WIFI. Just download an app, pair the devices and that’s it – you can control the camera from distance.


Campark ACT76 comes with many accessories and mounts. If you had to buy them separately – you won’t spend a lot of money. Campark saves you this money – everything you need is already included. A waterproof case is included as well. After you install it (which won’t take too long), you can record really cool videos underwater. Do keep in mind that when the waterproof is installed, the mic is almost blocked – so the sound quality won’t be as good. That’s a very common thing, so no problem with that.

Camprak ACT76
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Campark ACT76 currently comes with 2 batteries included (that may change in the future). I always recommend having more than one battery, and it costs money of course. With the Campark ACT76 sports camera you don’t have to worry about that. Each battery lasts 40-90 minutes, depending on the video quality and other factors. The batteries are 1050mAh (which is very good, many action cameras come with smaller batteries that last less time).

Memory Card

This action camera supports MicroSD memory cards of up to 64GB. Most cameras in this price range only support 32GB cards (since the module used for it is much cheaper), and here you have support for twice as much. That’s a huge advantage in my opinion. The MicroSD is not included so you have to buy it online. Don’t buy an expensive or premium one – there is no need. Any class 10 MicroSD will do the work. Don’t buy generic memory cards with low speeds because they won’t work well, especially when recording at 4K.

Value For Money

Campark ACT76 is a great for those who need a very good action camera, but their budget is limited. Of course it is not as good as a GoPro that costs (much) more – but most people don’t really need a super professional action camera anyways. You are not producing a TV show, right ?

Campark ACT76 Action Camera
Written by: ReviewBez
4.8 / 5 stars

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