DROGRACE WP350 Action Camera Review

Online you can find hundreds of different action cameras. Some of them are popular, while others are less known . For many – it seems like choosing the best sports camera is almost impossible. Today I will review a popular sports camera that recieves good reviews and ratings online. Here is my DROGRACE WP350 review :

Video Quality

The DROGRACE WP350 sports camera can record in 4K. The video quality is excellent – but I would recommend this camera only for Full HD – 1080P recording. That’s because it records in 25fps (frames per second) when choosing the 4K resolution. At 1080P it can record in 60fps which is great. For those who want smooth video quality at 4K, and overall – better quality – I highly recommend also checking out the YI 4K (Amazon link) camera. It is manufactured by Xiaomi – which you probably already heard about, they are a very well known smartphone manufacture.  Xiaomi’s YI 4K camera is amazing, and the video quality it offers is indeed – better. But that does effect the price tag – so that’s something to consider.

DROGRACE WP350 Sports DV Camera

Another action camera I like and you may check out is Akaso EK7000 (Amazon link). This action camera is super popular – for a good reason. It provides good video quality, comes with many accessories – and overall, just works great. Is it better than the WP350 action camera? Well, I hope that after reading my DROGRACE WP350 review you will be able to decide for your self. The short answer is – they are both great, choose the one you like the most.


DROGRACE WP350 comes with many different accessories and mounts. Using them you can attach and mount this camera to almost anything you want – for example – helmets, bike etc. You also get a remote control which you can wear on your wrist. It does work well – the range is not huge, but for most people – more than enough. Most action cameras come without this remote. While some don’t even have the option to support it – others just prefer to sell it instead of just including it for “free” in the box.

DROGRACE WP350 Accessoires
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This action camera also comes with a waterproof case which you can install easily and record underwater. Do make sure you install it correctly because you really don’t want any water to get in. I do want to mention that when you put the case on – the microphone is partly blocked. Not completely, but the sound quality does not stay the same for sure. I am mentioning that because some people like to put the waterproof case all the time – for extra protection. If you don’t need sound – that’s a pretty good idea !


The DROGRACE WP350 Sports DV Camera comes with 2 1150mAh batteries. Each one can last 40-60 minutes, depending on the video quality you choose. It’s good that a spare battery is included – saving you quite some money. The charging time of these batteries is fairly long – so make sure to charge them beforehand. If you need more spare batteries – you can check their price on Amazon. The model I linked to also comes with a charger which is super useful.


The screen is size is 2.0″. Not too big nor small. Sure you can find action cameras with a bigger screen – but I really don’t think most people need. Remember – the bigger the screen is – the more battery power it consumes. The screen quality is good. I read another DROGRACE WP350 review that mentioned that the screen size may be even too big for some. Well, that’s really up to you. In my opinion – 2.0″ should be the standard.


The DROGRACE WP350 sports camera has a built in WIFI, so you can easily connect it to your smartphone and control it from distance. Most action cameras these days do have a WIFI connection – but not alwats it’s good enough. I came across many sports cameras in the past that had very low range and the connection wasn’t stable. This is not the case with the WP350 camera.

Value For Money

Overall, I think the DROGRACE WP350 camera is worth buying. It provides great value for your money : the video quality is good, it comes with many accessories and has WIFI. The price is pretty good as well. I hope you enjoyed my DROGRACE WP350 review and found it useful. If you have any questions – feel free to comment below. If you want us to add more details to this DROGRACE WP350 review – make sure to contact us .

If you are still not sure about buying this camera – also read our AKASO EK7000 review and fitfort Action Camera review.


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