EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera Review

EKEN’s action cameras are very popular around the world. Today I will review one of their most known models – the EKEN H9R. It’s very popular, but is it worth your money? Let’s find out :

Video Quality

EKEN H9R can record in 4K and the video quality is great. The FPS (frames per second. The more = the smoother picture you get) is 25, but you can boost it to 60fps by recording at 1080P (which I highly recommend). Overall, I think that for a camera this cheap – the video quality is excellent, even if you compare it to a little bit more expensive sports cameras. If you need some extra video quality – check out the YI 4K (Amazon link) action camera. In my opinion – it’s one of the best cameras in its prcie range. Xiaomi (YI) is well known for their high quality products.

EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera

Another great camera you may check out is APEMAN sports camera (Amazon link). It too records in 4K and everything looks very sharp and smooth. I really like this model, and I think it is as good as the EKEN H9R action camera.


This action camera has a built-in WIFI connection. Connect your smartphone to it within seconds. The WIFI range is about 10 meters, which is not too bad. There are cameras with better WIFI range, but in most cases they are much more expensive. The WIFI functions re very useful, and many people use them on daily basis. The WIFI connection is very stable and there are almost no lags.

HDMI Output

Using a cable, you can connect the EKEN H9R sports camera to your TV and preview the videos and photos. This feature is very useful, not all action cameras in this range have it. HDMI cables are pretty much everywhere, and most (if not all recent models ) TV also support HDMI.


This action camera comes with 2 1050mAh batteries. They are very popular and will last 40-80 minutes each, depending on the video quality. By having 2 batteries with you, it’s possible to record very long videos without worrying about charging.

Wrist Remote

Many companies that sell and make sports cameras sell a wrist remote separately, and it’s not cheap. Eken H9R already comes with it, so you won’t have to spend extra money. The remoter uses a 2.4G signal so you get a nice range. The remote is very useful, many people use it instead of connecting the camera to your smartphone over WIFI.


The EKEN H9R comes with different mounts and accessories, so you can easily attach it to anything you want . It’s always good to have many kinds of mounts, that will save you a lot of time ad frustration. A waterproof case is included in the packege as well. Use it to record really cool videos underwater. Keep in mind that with the waterproof case on, the microphone won’t work so well (this is something that happens with almost all action cameras, so -no big deal).

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If you are looking for an affordable action camera with amazing video quality and 4K support – but the EKEN H9R. You won’t be disappointed. It offers great value for your money.

Written by: ReviewBez
4.9 / 5 stars

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