FalconZero F170HD+ Dashcam Review

Dashcams are widely used worldwide. They are easy to install and use. Today I will review a very popular and well known dashboard camera  called FalconZero F170HD+(Amazon link). I will also compare it to other dashcams and talk about it’s disadvantages.

Video Quality – Day And Night

The FalconZero F170HD+ dashcam records in Full HD at 30 fps. The video quality is excellent . Ignite the car, and the camera will start recording as soon as the car starts moving. Everything works automatically so you don’t have to mess with it too much. Very comfortable, everything works perfectly without you turning on or off anything. The video at night is not too bad as well, but of course that in complete darkness – you won’t get much.

 The FalconZero F170HD+ is a great dashcam that offers really good video recording quality for the money. Probably one of the best dashcams in it’s price category. But – you do have to know that it’s not the “best dashcams” out there. If you really need a dashcam with amazing video recoridng quality, check out Street Guardian SG9665GC (Amazon link). It features Sony’s IMX322 sensor and the results are really stunning.

Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon


This dahsboard camera has a built-in G sensor. If an accident happens, the sensor detects it and saves the footage. This way any over writing risk is eliminated and you can be sure the video is saved. It works really well, but let’s hope you won’t ever need it !

Package And Accessories

FalconZero F170HD Plus comes with a mount, 32GB MicroSD memory card, cables and other useful accessories. The installation process is not hard at all, but if you never did it before – definitely let a professional handle it. After installing everything, turn on the dahscam, go to the settings, set up everything and that it ! The camera is ready to be used. As I mentioned before – you don’t have to much after the first set up since it works automatically.

FalconZero F170HD+ Box

Similar Dashboard Cameras

As you probably already noticed, there are hundreds (if not thousends) of different dashcams online. Some of them are really cheap, but don’t provide great video recording quality. But still, there are some great ones I highly recommend checking out. One of them is KDLINKS X1 (Amazon link). This dashcam is popular and provides amazing value for your money.

KDLINKS X1View On Amazon



I hope you will find my FalconZero F170HD+ review helpful. If you have any questions about this dashcam – comment below. Check out other dashcam reviews on our website. We tested tens of them in the last few years. We hope that our website will help you choose the best dashboard camera for your needs.

FalconZero F170HD+
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