FITFORT Action Camera Review

The FITFORT is a relatively new action camera – but it already became really popular. It is very affordable, but – does it deliver ? Today I will review this sports camera and tell you if it’s really worth buying. Let’s start with the fitfort action camera review :

Video Quality

The FITFORT action camera can record in 4K, but I actually recommend using it as a 1080P camera . The reason for that is the big difference in the FPS (frames per second). At 1080P – it records in 60fps, meaning the videos are super sharp and smooth, while at 4K resolution- it records in 25fps, which is not very good. Don’t get me wrong – you can still use the 4K resolution-  the video quality is good, but at 1080P – it’s so much better ! Another great action camera I highly recommend checking out regarding to this topic is the YI 4K Sports Camera (Amazon link). It also records in 4K, but the FPS are higher – 30 instead of 25. The YI 4K camera is made by Xiaomi, a well known company worldwide. The video quality of the YI camera at 1080P is a little bit better as well.


FITFORT Action Camera review
FITFORT Action Camera

Another great action camera worth checking out is DBPOWER EX5000 (Amazon link). This model is very popular, and you can find so many reviews of it online. In my opinion – it is as good as the FITFORT action camera – so check out both and decide which one you like more. Do keep in mind that the EX5000 model does not support 4K recording. Continue reading my fitfort action camera review to discover more features that it has, so it will be easier for your to compare.


The FITFORT sports camera has built-in WIFI. What does that mean? Well, you can easily connect your smartphone to it. All you have to do is download an app called “Ez iCam”APP”. Then, you can connect to the WIFI of the camera, and pair the devices. The app is very easy to use – I like it. The WIFI option works really well, but you do have to remember that the range is fairly limited (that’s not uncommon with action cameras in this price range). But don’t get me wrong – it is not too bad. I read another fitfort action camera review that mentioned that the WIFI range can be increased using different methods and even antennas -persoanlly, I think that’s not something worth messing with.

Remote Control

This camera comes with a remote control, which is very useful. It’s pretty small so you can actually put it in your pocket. Not all action cameras come with this kind of remote included. Some devices just don’t have the hardware to support it, while other companies just sell it separately to earn more money. FITFORT decided to include it- saving you time and money. Some people don’t like using their smartphone to control the camera, so for those – the remote control is a great solution.  The controlling range is up to 10 meters – not too bad. You can’t expect a camera in this price range to come with a 100 meter remote control, right?

FITFORT Action Camera
FITFORT Action Camera
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The build in screen is 2.0″ – which is pretty average. The bigger the screen is , the more battery it consumes. That’s why I don’t recommend buying action cameras with a screen bigger than 2.0″. There are also sports cameras online that come with 2 screens – many find it useful, but you have to pay the price – battery time ! The screen is pretty sharp so you can use it outside (but not under direct sunlight – just like with any other camera screen). Another fitfort action camera 4k review I read recently mentioned that compared to other action cameras – the screen is brighter and sharper. I tend to agree with that.


All you have to do in order to use this camera underwater is to install the included waterproof case. It’s pretty easy actually – takes seconds. The case is very durable and does its job well. You can record really amazing videos underwater. It’s important to mention in this fitfort action camera review that when the case is installed – the microphone is partly blocked, meaning the sound quality does not stay the same. That’s something that happens with all action cameras that come with a waterproof case – so no worries !

Fitfort action camera waterproof


This camera comes with many different accessories and mounts.  This will save you a lot of money, since action camera accessories are not cheap at all. Everything you need is already included, expect the MicroSD memory card which you have to buy separately. Cards of up to 32GG are supported. It is recommended to buy class 10 and higher MicroSD, especially if you plan on recording 4K videos.

Since I do want to make this fitfort action camera review honest and useful – I do want to mention that there are other action cameras that support bigger memory cards – for example 64GB ones. One of them is YI 4K (Amazon link). It supports cards up to 64GB. The reason that most cheap action cameras only support 32GB memory cards is costs. Hardware that can support 64GB and 128GB memory cards is more expensive.

Fitfort action camera review accessories

Value For Money

In my opinion – FITFORT is an amazing action camera that provides amazing value for your money. The video quality is great, the build quality is good, and everything works really well. If you are looking for a good and affordable action camera – why spend hundreds of dollars on professional cameras with features you don’t really need? just buy this great device ! If you read all my fitfort action camera review – then you already know that this camera has all the features you need and may need in the future.

I hope you liked my FITFORT action camera 4k review and found it useful. Feel free to check out other action camera reviews on our website. If you came across a camera that we did not review yet – send us a message, and we promise to test it out ! Also, if you have any questions about the Fitfort camera – comment below, and we will gladly provide you with answers.


FITFORT Action Camera
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