GeekPro 4.0 Action Camera Review

GeekPro is a well known action camera manufacture. Their cameras are very popular in USA and around the world as well. Today I will review their “most advanced” model called Geekpro 4 Plus :

Video Quality

GeekPro 4.0 is a very advanced action camera, and the video quality is really good. Can I say it is as good a GoPro? not really. But if you are looking for a good action camera and your budget is limited – this action camera will be perfect. The videos look really good – sharp and clear.By the way, another really cool action camera I recommend checking out is Campark Ultrathin 4k (Amazon link). It records in 4K too and provides great video quality. It does lack some of GeekPro’s 4 features, but still works really well and offers amazing value for your money. It’s pretty popular by the way.

GeekPro Pro 4 Plus
GeekPro Pro 4 Plus

GeekPro 4 also features wide angle lens, and it’s great (just like GoPro cameras). Great for extreme sports recording. The recording quality at night (low light setting) is not too bad, but it’s not suitable for recording in full darkness. I do want to mention that only proffesional and very expensive cameras are capable of recording really well at full darkness. Most people just don’t need that feature since a LED lighting can be used without any problem (and they are not expensive). Same thing happens when you record videos at night with your smartphone. You use your LED flash since the camera itself does not record well when there is not enough light.


GeekPro 4.0 has a built-in WIFI connection. Just download the special app to your smartphone (Android or iOS) and within seconds you will be able to control your action camera from distance. The setup process is really simple and really takes less than a minute. You can find many videos on YouTube showing how to connect an action camera to your smartphone. I own many different action cameras, and I personally rarely use the WIFI functions – but my friends for example use them ALL THE TIME.

GeekPro 4
GeekPro 4.0 Plus Action Camera

Not all “cheap” action cameras feature a WIFI connection. Many people consider it as  a must have feature. And I can totally understand that, there are many things to do with the WIFI function. It’s great for pranks 🙂


The included battery lasts 50-70 minutes (Full HD recording). You can buy spare batteries online for reasonable prices. I recommend having at least 2, since charging time is pretty long. When you go to a vacation, you can’t pause everything and go to charge the battery, right? The quality of the battery is good and it should work perfectly for years.

Included Accessories

GeekPro 4.0 comes with a special wrist remote control (similar to one that GoPro sells). It’s very useful, and the controlling distance is quite big. The remote control is very easy to use and I think it’s great. Many other useful accessories are included.

GeekPro 4 Plus

This sports camera also comes with many different mounts and other useful accessories. Just buy a basic MicroSD for it and start using this great action camera. By the way, there is no need to buy a fancy and “super fast” MicroSD memory card. You won’t notice any difference !

Similar Action Cameras

Below you can see the Sony AZ1 action camera. The video quality is offers is AMAZING !

Sony AZ1View On Amazon
Sony AZ1
View On Amazon

I hope you will find my GeekPro 4 review helpful. If you have any questions – feel free to comment below. Aso, check out other action camera reviews on our website.

GeekPro 4
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