ICONNTECHS IT Action Camera Review

Many consider the ICONNTECHS IT to be one of the best action cameras in its price category. Today I will review this sports camera and see if it’s really worth buying.

Video Quality

ICONNTECHS IT uses a branded Sony IMX078 CMOS sensor. These kind of sensors are much better, but much more expensive than generic CMOS sensors. That’s why it’s rare now to find many action cameras in this price range with a SONY sensor. The video quality it provides is excellent (you can record in 4K, but for better FPS and quality – stick with 1080P). This action camera also uses the Novatek NT96660 chipset which further improves the video processing and quality. Another great action cameras that uses the SONY CMOS sensor is Campark ACT76 (Amazon link). This model is very popular as well, and I defiantly recommend checking it out as well.


If you want an action camera with even better video quality – check out the YI 4K (Amazon link) action camera by Xiaomi. In my opinion – it’s one of the best sports cameras out there. The price is reasonable (if you compare it to other pro cameras), and the video quality is stunning. Xiaomi really knows how to make high quality cameras, that’s for sure.


Like most other action cameras, ICONNTECHS IT too has built-in WIFI. After downloading an app to your smartphone (or tablet) – you will be able to pair the camera with your device and control it from distance. The WIFI range is not too bad, but don’t expect it to be 50 meters. I persoanlly rarely use the WIFI function (I have many action cameras in my “collection”), but I know for sure that for many – it’s a must have feature that they use on daily basis.

Memory Card

Amazingly, ICONNTECHS IT supports MicroSD memory cards up to 128GB. Most sports cameras only support memory cards up to 32/64GB. Why you ask? well, in order to support a 128GB memory card – you need a very high quality and powerful hardware. Most companies are not willing to spend so much money on it. ICONNTECHS really did an amazing thing here. It is important to mention that you have to use a good MicroSD memory card if you want to record in 4K – at least class 10. These memory cards are really cheap nowadays, so that’s not a problem.


Many different accessories and mounts are included, so I doubt you will have to buy extra ones. Using the different mounts you can attach this camera to pretty much anything. The included waterproof case if very useful as well. Install it in seconds and start recording amazing videos underwater !

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The included battery is 1050mAh, and lasts 40-80 minutes, depending on the video recording quality you choose. Charging time is very reasonable considering the big capacity of the battery.

Value For Money

I think that the unique thing about ICONNTECHS IT is its hardware. The chipset, the CMOS sensor and image processor – work amazingly well. This camera provides amazing value for your money. Try to find another action camera in this price range that supports 128GB memory cards – it’s super rare !

I hope you enjoyed my ICONNTECHS IT review. If you have any questions – comment below and we will gladly answer. Also check out other great action cameras reviews on our website. We reviewed most of the popular cameras in the market, so you can choose the best one for your needs – easily.

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4.9 / 5 stars

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