InstaBox Voyage SV5000 Pro Action Camera – Should You Buy It?

Many people nowadays buy cheap action cameras online because of how good they became in the last few years. In the past – if you wanted to buy a good sports camera – you would have to invest a lot of money  and buy a GoPro. But now – it’s not like that. Many companies offer affordable cameras that really work well. One of them is the InstaBox Voyage SV5000 (Amazon link) action camera. This is my short review of it :

Video Quality

InstaBox Voyage Pro features an Ultra HD CMOS sensor. The video quality is really good. This action camera records at 2.7K, and that’s not very common. Most affordable action cameras online can only record Full HD videos. InstaBox decided to use a high-quality CMOS sensor, and that’s noticeable. I’m not suprsided this camera is so popular- you won’t find many others that offer the same recording quality in the same price range.

By the way, if you need an action camera that records 4K videos – check out the ABLEGRID sports camera (Amazon link). The video quality is better for sure. But do keep in mind that not all people really need the 4K recording resolution option – 2.7K is not bad at all !

Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon

WI-FI Connection

InstaBox Voyage SV5000 Pro  action camera has built-in WIFI, so you can easily connect your smartphone to it. Just download the app to your smartphone and within seoconds you will be able to control the camera from distance. Very useful, and many people use this feature a lot. The controlling distance is excellent of course.

Screen Size

The built-in 2.0″ screen is very good. It’s not very big, since this camera is pretty compact. But don’t get me wrong – 2.0″ is pretty much the standard. Most action cameras online have this big screen or smaller. After recording the videos, just connect the camera to your PC (or just the MicroSD memory card) and you will be able to view all your videos on your big PC screen.

InstaBox Voyage Pro Screen

Package And Accessories

Instabox SV5000 comes with many different mounts, clips and other useful accessories (like charging / data transfer cable, etc..). A waterproof case is included as well. InstaBox Voyage Pro UHD PackageAfter installing it (fairly easy), you will be able to also record amazing and cool videos underwater. Without this case, the camera won’t be waterproof.

Some cheap action cameras don’t come with any mounts and accessories. That’s not very good since these accessories cost a lot of money online. So people that want to save money, find themselves spend tens of dollars on mounts online. Avoid that by buying an action camera like Instabox SV5000 that comes with pretty much everything you need. Do keep in mind that you need to buy a MicroSD memory card separately. Don’t bother buying a “premium” or “fast” one since there would be not difference at all. As long as the MicroSD memory card is above Class 4 – you are good.

Similar Action Cameras

I defiently recommend checking out the ABLEGRID action camera as well. It provides amazing recording quality (4K) and overall gives excellent value for the money.

ABLEGRID 4K Action CameraView On Amazon
ABLEGRID 4K Action Camera
View On Amazon


InstaBox Voyage SV5000
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