Lightdow Wi-Fi LD6000 Action Camera Review

There are many action cameras out there. Sometimes it seems like choosing the best one is impossible ! Also, not all people need a professional (and expensive) sports camera like GoPro. Some also can’t afford a GoPro. Many companies understand that and manufacture affordable and great action cameras. Lightdow is one of them.  Today I will review and talk about their popular model – Lightdow LD6000 .

Video Quality

The video quality of the Lightdow LD 6000 is great- it records in Full HD at 30fps. For most people – that’s more than enough. You really will not be disappointed by the video quality. As I mentioned, this is not a professional camera (that will cost at least 3 times as much) – but for those who need a great sports camera to use few times a month – it is great. Another awesome affordable action camera worth checking out is AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link). It is super popular now because of the amazing video quality it offers. The price is great in my opinion.

You can probably find action cameras cheaper than Lightdow LD 6000 online – but their video quality is not the same. This camera records in Full HD and supports MicroSD memory cards up to 32GB. That’s a lot of storage space. Do not try to insert bigger than 32GB memory card since this can (and will) cause problems.


Lightdow LD6000
Lightdow LD6000

Another really good action camera I recommend is APEMAN (Amazon link). I can’t say it records better than Lightdow Wi-Fi LD6000, but it does offer great value for your money. It features a 2.0″ high quality screen, and works really well.  I would not recommend buying an action camera with a smaller screen. For some people it’s not an issue of course – but in my opinion – smaller than 2″ is just too small for everyday use.


This camera also has built-in WIFI it works really well. You just need to download the iSmart DV app to your smartphone (there is an app for Android and iOS) and then you will be able to control your camera directly from your smartphone. The app itself is very easy to use, I like the simplicity of it. If you don’t like this app, you can try downloading other action camera remote apps, there are many of them. Not all of them will work with LD6000 of course. Most action cameras these days (even the super cheap ones) feature WIFI by the way. But that does not mean that they all are same. High quality WIFI modules offer better controlling range and connection stability.

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Lightdow Wi-Fi LD6000
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Underwater Usage

Lightdow LD6000 is also waterproof – using the included case. You can record really cool videos underwater ! The case is easy to install, it should not take too long. There are few action cameras online that can be used underwater without any case – but they are not in the same price range. I do want to mention that when the waterproof case is installed, the microphone will be partially blocked so you won’t get the same audio quality. That’s not a big deal in my opinion, but still – it’s an important detail that you should keep in mind.


This sports camera comes with a 3.7v 900 mAh battery. It lasts 40-70 minutes (depending on the recording quality and other factors). Some people buy spare batteries online, I think it is a good idea. The replacement batteries are not too expensive, but make sure you buy a spare charger as well (so you can charge both batteries at the same time).


Lightdow LD6000 is a fairly small and compact device. You can easily carry it with you anywhere. It comes in many colors – I persoanlly really like the Black version. The yellow version is pretty nice as well – pretty unique looking.


The Lightdow LD8000 sports camera also comes with different mounts and accessories. You probably won’t need to buy any additional mounts for it. Many cheap action cameras don’t come with any mounts or accessories. In these cases, you would have to buy everything separately and it’s not cheap.

Lightdow Wi-Fi LD6000


I hope you liked my Lightdow LD6000 review. If you have any questions or you want help choosing the best action camera for your needs – comment below. On our website you can find many other action camera reviews.

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