Monba ME10 4K Action Camera Review

Monba ME10 came out not too long ago, and it is already very popular. This camera promises a lot, but does it deliver? today I will check it out. Here we go :

Video Quality

Monba ME10 supports 4K recording. The FPS (frames per second) is 25, which is pretty average for cameras in this price range. If you choose the 1080P recording option (which I recommend to do) – then you will enjoy 60FPS – and that is very noticeable. You can also choose to record in 2.7K which provides great video quality while the videos don’t take as much space as 4K recordings. Another really good action camera that records in 4K is Campark ACT76 (Amazon link). I recommend it as well, amazing value for your money.

Monba ME10 4K Sports Action Camera

If 4K recording is important for you – I recommend also checking out the YI 4K (Amazon link) action camera. It provides much better video quality. Xiaomi manufactures it, so it’s not surprising it is popular as well. Do keep in mind that this camera is in different price category. If you don’t need THE BEST video quality, you can just buy the Monba ME10 – it’s more than enough for most people.


This sports camera currently comes with 2 1050mAh batteries. It is always recommended to have more than one battery, and here you don’t have to spend more money on it – it is already included. Each battery will last between 40 and 90 minutes – it depends on the video quality you choose. In my opinion – it’s better to record at 1080P and enjoy the higher frame rate and battery time.


You get many different accessories and mounts with the Monba ME10 4K action camera. A waterproof case is included as well. Install it (very simple) and you can record amazing videos underwater. The included remote is very useful as well, I will tell you about it later on.

Monba ME10
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 Remote And WiFi

Monba ME10 comes with a remote control which you can use from distance. It is very useful and I am sure that most people will use it almost every time. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet to this camera since it has built in WIFI. Just download an app and you can pair your camera to your smartphone in seconds. The WIFI range is not too bad, and the connection is very stable. Many find the WIFI option very useful, I persoanlly prefer using the physical remote control.

Memory Card

This camera supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB. That’s a very big advantage since most action cameras out there only support 32GB memory cards. You have to buy the MicroSD card separately but no worries – it’s not expensive. Do keep in mind that a class 10 memory card is needed for 4K recording.

Value For Money

Not all people need a professional and super expensive action camera. And for those  – Monba ME10 is just perfect. It offers amazing video quality and its price is very reasonable. If your budget is unlimited, then sure – you can find better cameras out there like GoPro. But for most people – Monba ME10 is more than enough.


Monba ME10
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4.8 / 5 stars

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