Review XP C200 Action Camera Review

In the last few years, many new action camera models were released. While some of them are expensive and professional – many are affordable and offer great value for your money. Today I will review one of them. This is my Review XP C200 review :

Video Quality

The Review XP C200 action camera records in 4K, at 30fps – which is considered pretty good. The video quality is excellent – sharp and clear. I recommend using it with the 1080P mode (lower resolution) because then you get higher FPS and the videos look smoother and sharper. It’s amazing that an action camera in this price range records in 4K and offers such quality. Few years ago you would have to pay at least twice as much to get the same quality. I do want to mention that there are other action cameras in this price category – that in my opinion, offer a little bit better video quality. One of them is YI Lite (Amazon link). This action camera is made by Xiaomi, and the video quality it offers is just amazing. It has built in Blueooth and WIFI.

Review XP C200 Action Camera 4K
Review XP C200 Action Camera 4K

Another great action camera you may want to check out is AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link). This model is very popular. It comes with many accessories, has built in WIFI and offers really good video quality as well. Is it better than Review XP C200? Well, it’s hard to say. Check both devices out and see which one you like more. The video quality is pretty much the same.


The Review XP C200 action camera has a built-in WIFI. That means you will be able to pair it with your smartphone or tablet pretty easily. All you need to do is download the NTK cam app to your smartphone, and follow the instructions. It’s really easy and won’t take more than a minute or two. It’s important to mention that you also get a remote wrist controller that you can use instead of your smartphone. The range of both the WIFI and the wrist controller is pretty good : 10-15 meters, depending on your surroundings.

Review XP C200 WIFI


Review XP C200 comes with many different accessories and mounts. Use them to attach the camera to almost anything you want – for example your helmet. A waterproof case is included as well. After installing it (very easy) you can start recording cool videos underwater as well. It’s amazing that a camera in this price category comes with so many accessories and mounts.

Review XP C200
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Value For Money

If you are looking to buy an affordable, yet very good action camera that offers great video quality – defiantly buy Review XP C200. It offers good value for your money. Of course there are better action cameras online – but in most cases they are more expensive. In this field – the more you pay, the better camera you get. The thing is, most people don’t need the “best action camera”, and one like Review XP C200 is just perfect for them.

I hope you liked my Review XP C200 review. If you have any questions – feel free to comment below.

Review XP C200 Action Camera
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4.7 / 5 stars

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