ROCAM NC300 Wireless IP Camera Review

ROCAM NC300 is a very popular IP camera. I will review it today and try to provide you with informative and helpful information. Here are my impressions :

Video Recording Quality

The video quality of the ROCAM NC300 (Amazon link) IP camera is very good for the price. The videos look very nice, even when the lighting is not perfect. You can watch

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the video streaming live on your phone – and the quality will be excellent. No lags, or blurry video parts. I will talk about the usage of the smartphone app later on. The setup process of this camera is pretty easy – should not take more than few minutes.

If video quality is very important for you, check out TENVIS JPT3815W-HD (Amazon link). In my opinion, it’s video quality is a little bit better.

App – Live Video

There are many apps (for Android + iOS smartphones) that allow you to watch the live streaming from your IP camera. One of my favorite ones is YIPC – it’s really easy to use, and has some cool and useful features. Just connect your ROCAM NC300 IP camera to a router, and download YIPC (or any other app) to your smartphone. The setup and paring takes minutes – not a big deal at all.

Night Vision

You can excpect an IP camera in this price range to have a professional night vision capabilities. But, since ROCAM NC300 has built-in IR leds, it can still record decent (not perfect) videos at night (not complete darkness, but low light setting).

Similar IP Cameras

TENVIS JPT3815WView On Amazon
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Written by: ReviewBez
4.9 / 5 stars

Previous Review Version :

The ROCAM NC300 is a great IP camera that can be bought for cheap online. There are thousends of different IP cameras online. Choosing the best one for your needs is not easy at all. On our website – you can find many IP camera reviews. Today I will review the ROCAM NC300 wireless IP camera. Let’s start with it’s price. This cmaera is pretty affordable . It does have it’s cons and pros – but for the price – it’s a great device. If you can spend more – then I highly recommend reading our ROCAM NC300 IP Camera

The video quality is very good, even at night (there are IR leds). You can connect to the camera via the Internet or an mobile app (Android / iOS). The app is very easy to use and you can control your IP camera from it.

The setup of ROCAM NC300 wireless is easy and takes few minutes. The instructions are easy to follow.

Online you can find many ROCAM NC300 reviews. From what I read- it looks like most people are really satisfied with it. It does have some cons, but that should not prevent you from buying this IP camera. Unless you spend hundreds of dollars – you won’t find the perfect IP camera that only has pros.

I hope you liked my ROCAM NC300 review. If you have any questions – comment below or contact us directly.Check out our Wansview NCM625GA review if you want to compare the Rocam NC300 to much more expensive IP camera with more features.

If you need a hidden IP camera – check out our Toughsty P2P Wifi IP Camera Review.


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