SJCAM SJ5000x Action Camera Review

SJCAM’s action cameras are very popular, not only in USA but also around the world. One of their newest and most advanced models is the SJCAM SJ5000x action camera. Today I will review it and see if it is really worth buying.

Video Quality

I was very surprised to discover that this action camera features Sony’s IMX078 sensor. Most action cameras out there use generic sensor, resulting in lower quality and worse sharpness. It seems like SJCAM really decided to use the best hardware. Another great action camera worth mentioning out that also use an excellent sensor is AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link). The video quality it offers is amazingly good. Both action cameras are great, choose the one you like more.


SJCAM SJ5000x records in Full HD as well as 4K (these are the official claims). The frames-per-second rate when recording 4K is fairly low, but at Full HD it is great.  If the 4K reocrding quality is important for you – I recommend checking out the YI 4K Action Camera (Amazon link) – it is better at it. This model is fairly new as well, but I am sure it will become as popular as Xiaomi’s previous action camera model.


The screen of the SJCAM SJ5000x action camera is 2.0″. It is great, and I also read few reviews online mentioning how good its quality.  I came across many action cameras in the past that had 2.0″ screens, but it wasn’t bright at all and you really could not use it outside.


The SJCAM SJ5000x sports camera comes with a long lasting. After fully charging it it should last 40-70 minutes (depending on the recording quality of course). That’s plenty of time. You can always buy a spare battery if needed. They are not too expensive, and many times come with a charger which is really useful for charging 2 batteries at once.

Accessories And Mounts

The SJCAM SJ5000x sports camera comes with different accessories and mounts. Using them you can mount the camera to pretty much anything. Just buy a good MicroSD memory card (because it records in 4K, I recommend buying a fast one, not using a standard memory card) and start using this great camera !

SJCAM SJ5000x View On Amazon
View On Amazon

Value For Money

If you are looking for an action camera with very good video quality – defiantly buy this one. It provides amazing value for your money. SJCAM is a well known, trusted company and all their products are great. I think that they did a great job with this new model. It’s their best one in my opinion. It works amazingly well and provides all the important features and options needed. It is also good to know that it comes with so many accessories, saving you quite some money.

I hope you liked my SJCAM SJ5000x review. If you have questions – comment below. Also, check out other action camera reviews on our website. We reviewed many different sports cameras – including the most popular ones.

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