SOOCOO C30 Action Camera Review

Choosing an action camera these days can be hard since there are so many of them available online. Some people prefer just buying a Go Pro, but for many – it’s just too expensive. Besides that, GoPro cameras are considered “professional”, and let’s be honest – most people don’t need a pro camera, but just a basic and good one. Today I will review the SOOCOO C30 sports camera, which in my opinion – provides amazing value for your money.

Video Quality

Believe it or not, but SOOCOO C30 can actually record in 4K ! If few years ago you would tell me that you can buy a 4K camera for such a low price – I would laugh. But things has changed dramatically. SOOCOO C30 provides really good video quality, and if you don’t need the 4K resolution, you can always record in 2K or 1080P (and enjoy even higher FPS – frames per second). Another amazing 4K action camera in this price range is AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link). It’s really popular and in my opinion provides a little bit better video quality (but don’t get me wrong – SOOCOO C30 is excellent as well !).


Another great sports camera worth checking out is the YI action camera (Amazon link). It records in 1080P and provides really good video quality. It is made by Xiaomi – a well known company that stands behind her products. Some people even use it as a dashcam. Xiaomi also came up with a 4K model which is much more expensive (but as as good as a even more expensive Go Pro camera).


In order to connect this action camera to your smartphone – you need to download an app called ZSANYCAM (Android or iPhone). After that, the pairing process is pretty simple and should not take more than 20 seconds. In the past, WIFI modules were expensive so not all action cameras had them. Nowadays, most action cameras have a built-in WIFI connection and that’s great.


The screen size is 2.0″ – which is pretty average. There are action cameras with a smaller screen – but in my opinion, any screen smaller than 2.0″ is just too small and makes things harder to see. SOOCOO’s C30 screen is sharp and clear.

Battery And Accessories

SOOCOO C30 comes with 2 batteries and many accessories like a waterproof case, bicycle stand, adapters, helmet base and more ! All you need to start using this camera is a MicroSD memory card (it’s not included, you can buy one for cheap online). There is no need to buy a fancy or super fast one – unless you plan on recording 4K videos. A fast MicroSD I recommend is SanDisk Extreme 32GB (Amazon link).

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Build Quality

SOOCOO C30 is made from durable materials so it should last you a very long time. Of course that it can not be compared to action cameras that cost 5 times as much, but for the money – you get a really well built sports camera. Some people use the included waterproof case all the time to provide even more protection. I don’t think it’s necessary, but still – it’s a possibility.

Value For Money

Overall, I think that this action camera provides great value for your money. The video quality is good, the build quality is good, and the camera itself is pretty easy to use. The built in WIFI is useful and many accessories come included. You can also use this camera to record videos underwater (up to 30 meters). I defiently recommend buying the SOOCOO C30 action camera. If you are still not sure it fits your need – check out our AKASO EK7000 review.

SOOCOO C30 Action Camera
5 / 5 stars

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