ThiEYE i60 Action Camera – Should You Buy It ?

As you probably already know – there are hundreds of different action cameras online. Some are really cheap, and some cost a lot of money. Choosing the perfect sprots camera for your needs is not easy at all. So, today I will review a very popular action camera – ThiEYE i60 (Amazon link). I hope that this review will help you decide if this action camera fits your needs.

Video Quality

The Thieye i60 features an advanced 12 mega pixel HDR sensor. It records videos in Full HD (up to 60 frames per second. Amazing !). The videos look really nice – sharp and clear. Since this sports  camera also comes with a waterproof case – you can record awesome videos underwater – really great. In my opinion – the video quality is almost as good Sony’s AZ1 action camera (Amazon link). The AZ1 action camera is amazing by the way. The video quality is just stunning.


The ThiEYE i60 action camera is fairly small so you can easily take it with you anywhere. It comes in 3 colors – black, gold and silver. I think the gold version looks really cool but I would by the black one because it looks more solid. This camera definitely looks and feels like a premium product.

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This action camera comes with a 1050MAH battery. It provides about 65-90 minutes of record time (Full HD). Recording time depends on many factors so it is hard to say exactly how much time the battery will last. ). You can also buy a spare ThiEYE battery online and use it when the first battery runs out of power. It’s always good to have 2 batteries – especially when you are on a vacation and record many videos. It also saves you time because charging time is fairly long.


ThiEYE i60 has built-in WIFI. That means you can easily connect your smartphone to it (using an easy to use app). I personally don’t use these features too much – but many people do, so I guess it’s pretty useful. The WIFI functions work perfectly well and the WIFI range is pretty good actually.

ThiEYE i60 Action Camera Box
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Similar Action Cameras

As I mentioned – there are many action cameras online. Not all of them are as good as ThiEYE i60. So, you really have to check before you buy. I think the Sony AZ1 action camera is very good as well. You should definitely check it out. It’s video quality is really amazing.

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Sony AZ1
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I hope you will find my ThiEYE i60 Action Camera useful. If you have any questions abut this great action camera – feel free to comment below. Also, be sure to check out other camera related reviews on our website.

ThiEYE i60 Action Camera
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