Vtin 4k Action Camera Review

The Vtin 4k action camera came out about a year ago, and thousands of  people already use it. Today I will review this device and see if it’s really worth buying. I will also tell you about similiar devices and the differences between them.

Video Quality

The Vtin 4k action camera can record at different resolutions – I recommend staying with 1080P because it offers higher FPS (frames per second) and better video quality. Overall, the videos look very sharp and the quality is excellent. You can also record underwater using the included waterproof case. I would say that it is almost as good as APEMAN 4K (Amazon link) which is a much more popular action camera that I like very much.

Vtin 4k
Vtin 4k Action Camera

Another great action camera worth checking out is FITFORT (Amazon link). It also records in 4K and in my opinion offers amazing value for your money. I ma sure that in the future this model will become even more popular.


Download the “Final Cam” app and you will be able to pair this camera to your smartphone. The WIFI range is about 10-15 meters, which is pretty standard. It;s good to have the abbility to control your action camera from distance. The WIFI connection is very stable. I persoanlly don’t use the WIFI function on my cameras often, but for many people – it’s a must have feature that they sue on daily basis.


Currently Vtin 4k comes with 2 batteries, each one will last 60-90 minutes, depending on the video quality you choose. It’s good that they included the spare battery, saving you money. Most action cameras only come with one battery, and then you have to spend more money buying the second one. Charging does take some time, so by having 2 batteries – you don’t have to wait.

Memory Card

This action camera supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB (cards with more storage are not supported. Don’t try them out because they will cause problems). I highly recommend buying a class 10 MicroSD memory card, like Samsung 32GB MB-ME32GA/AM (Amazon link). A slower memory card may cause you problems because the camera won’t be able to save the footage in whole. MicroSD memory cards are not expensive at all, so no problems with that. You can also buy a 64GB one from the same series if you want more storage space. There are also action cameras that support 128GB cards – but in most cases, they are more expensive.I think 64GB is enough. Do keep in mind that you have to format the MicroSD card on your computer, and only then insert it into the camera.

Vtin 4k
Vtin 4k
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Vtin 4k comes with different accessories and mounts. Using them you will be able to attach the camera to pretty much anything you want. The included waterproof case is very durable. Install it in seconds and you can start recording amazing videos underwater as well. Many expensive action cameras come without any waterproof case, which is not cheap at all.

Value For Money

If you need a good action camera with excellent video quality – think no more. Vtin 4k will be perfect for your needs ! This camera provides amazing value for you money. It also comes with many accessories and mounts and supports memory cards up to 64GB – a big advantage !

I hope you liked my Vtin 4k review. If you have any questions about this device – leave them in the comment section below. Also, check out other great tech reviews on our website. We do our best to review the latest and newest action cameras in the market, so you can easily choose the best one for your needs.

Vtin 4k Action Camera
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5 / 5 stars

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