Wespire Sports Action Camera Review

I heard many good things about the Wespire action camera (Amazon link). So, I decided to test it out and see if it’s really worth buying. This is my review of this sports camera :

Video Quality – 4/5

GoPro cameras are amazing. Their video quality is really good. The only problem is – not all people are willing to pay so much money for an action camera. Many people look for a simple and affordable action camera. For those – the Wespire sports camera is just perfect. It offers a very good video quality. The videos do look very nice. Since this camera comes with a wateproof case – you can record amazing videos underwater too !

If you want to check other, similar action cameras that offer better video quality – I recommend reading about GeekPro 2.o Plus. In my opinion, it’s one of the best action cameras in it’s price category.

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This action cameras has a built-in WIFI. You can easily connect your smartphone (or tablet) to it. It only takes few seconds. As I mentioned in my previous reviews – I’m not using the WIFI functions too much, but many people find them very useful. There are great apps like iSmart DV that you can download for free and use them to connect to your action camera.


The Wespire action camera comes with a 900mAH battery. It lasts about 60-70 minutes, which is not too bad at all. Spare batteries can be bought online. I recommend having at least 2 batteries, but I guess some people won’t have a problem with only having one.

Value For Money

The Wespire action camera offers good value for your money. It works well, records in great quality and the build quality is not bad at all. This camera is great for those who don’t have a big budget but still want a reliable and good sports camera they can use daily.

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Wespire Sports Action Camera
Written by: ReviewBez
4.7 / 5 stars

Previous Version (Old Review ) :

The Wespire is a great action camera . Yes, this camera is fiarly cheap – but it’s quality is pretty good. The most popular action camera is probably Wespire Sports Action Camera Reviewgood action sports cameras – but the problem is, they are way too expensive for many people. That’s why many Chinese companies started making cheap GoPro alternatives. The Wespire action camera is a good example. It’s much cheaper than any GoPro camera – and it’s good enough for most people. I can’t say it’s as good as a GoPro – but do you really need the best action camera? Or maybe – a good action camera like Wespire will be enough?

The video recording quality of Wespire is really good. It records in 1080P – that’s Full HD. There are built in wide-angle lens. The videos really look nice – smooth and sharp.

The Wespire action camera is also waterproof – you can record amazing videos underwater with it. I saw some videos recorded with it underwater and i’m very impressed – the quality is really good. The Wespire sports camera is waterproof up to 30 meters. You can of course take it with you the the pool and record super cool videos !

We hope you will find our Wespire action camera review useful and helpful. If you have any querstions – comment below. You can also check out many other action sports camera reviews we posted here on ReviewBez. If you need help choosing the best action camera for you – contact us directly or comment below as well.

Also, check 0ut the Wespire alternatives mentioned here on this page – maybe you will like one of those sports camera better.


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