WIMIUS Q2 Action Camera Review

When I first came across the WIMIUS Q2 camera – I did not think that a device this cheap can be be any good. But now, after reading many reviews of it – it seems like it’s a great device defiantly worth checking out. Here is my review of this action camera :

Video Quality

First of all, I must mention that WIMIUS Q2 is a basic action camera – perfect for those who don’t need a fancy and expensive camera. But that does not mean it provides basic video quality. In fact, it records in 1080P and the videos look pretty sharp and clear. Sure thing it can not be compared to an expensive and professional GoPro camera, but for the price – you get an amazing camera with great video recording quality. If your budget is not that limited, and you want even better video quality (including 4K resolution) – check out the AKASO EK7000 (Amazon link) sports camera. It’s super popular now. WIMIUS Q2 also features wide angle lens – which is very important for many. You can also use WIMIUS Q2 underwater thanks to the included waterproof case (it’s easy to install).

WIMIUS Q2 Action Camera

Another great action camera in this price range worth checking out is APEMAN (Amazon link). It’s popular for a good reason – good video and build quality. Is it better than WIMIUS Q2? I don’t think so. Both cameras are pretty much the same, but still – each one has its own pros and cons. It’s good to have a selection to choose from, and that’s why I am mentioning it. You can compare them and see which one you like better.

WIFI Connection

WIMIUS Q2 has a built-in WIFI connection so you can easily connect your smartphone to it (just download the app needed). It’s really not hard – should not take more than 20 seconds. I persoanlly don’t use the WIFI functions much (I own many different action cameras) – but for many – it’s a must have feature. The WIFI range is not amazing, but not too bad I would say. Even if you don’t think about using the WIFI option (like me), it’s still important to buy a camera with it, just in case. There is not price difference.


The built-in 2.0″ screen is pretty good. It’s big enough, and the quality is good – the screen is sharp. Under direct sunlight it may not be as clear, but that’s not something uncommon. I don’t think it’s a big problem at all – even expensive cameras have this problem. Besides that, you can always connect it to your smartphone and use its screen instead -problem solved 🙂

Battery And Accessions

WIMIUS Q2 currently comes with 2 batteries included (that may change in the future I guess), saving you a lot of money. Most action cameras out there only come with one battery, making you buy the spare one (and it’s not cheap). You also get different accessories and mounts. All you need to start using the camera is a MicroSD memory card. You can find many of them online. This camera supports memory cards of up to 64GB. Any class-10 microsd will be great, there is no need to buy an expensive one – you won’t notice the difference. Also, don’t use memory cards bigger than 64GB since they can cause problems.

You also get a waterproof case which is a nice addition. Just make sure you install it properly – you defiantly don’t want any water to get inside.



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Ease Of Use

The WIMIUS Q2 sports camera is very easy to use. There are not too many settings, just setup it once – and that’s it. Even if you never owned an action camera before – you won’t have any problems. The user interface is very friendly and easy. It’s also easy to connect it to your smartphone – the app is nice and simple as well.

Value For Money

In my opinion – this camera provides really good value for your money. For its price – you can’t go wrong here. If your budget is not limited, then sure there are many better cameras out there, but not all people really need a fancy action camera. For those – WIMIUS Q2 is perfect and more than enough.

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4.7 / 5 stars

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