Anker Roav Dash Cam Review

So many people nowadays install a dashcam in their car. There are many models – and choosing one is not always easy – especially if your budget is not huge. Today I will review the Anker Roav Dash Cam. It’s popular, and gets really good reviews online.

Video Quality

The Anker Roav dashcam records in 1080P and uses Son’ys CMOS video sensor. Thanks to it the video quality is excellent. The videos look smooth and clear, the camera supports 30FPS (frames per seconds) at 1080P which is very important. The wide angle lens work very well. Another great dashcam that uses Sony’s sensor is the AUKEY Dash Cam (Amazon link). You can check out both and decide which one you like the most.

Anker Roav Dash Cam

If your budget allows it, and you want one of the best dashcams in the world, check out THINKWARE F770 (Amazon link). It also comes with a rear camera which connects to the main console. The video quality it offers is just amazing.


The screen is 2.4″ – pretty big. Some people like dashcams with smaller screens, while others will consider 2.”4 as too small. Some daschams even don’t have a screen ! So you really have to decide for yourself what kind of screen size do you want, and if it even matters. The screen quality of the Anker Roav dashboard camera is very good.

Memory Card

Anker Roav supports MicroSD memory cards up to 128GB. They need to be class 10, which is a standard. There are hundreds of different MicroSD memory cards you can find online. In most cases, they are not expensive. Of course you don’t have to buy the 128GB one, even a 32GB memory card will be enough. Remember that this dashcam records in loops. If nothing (like an accident) happens, it just deleted the previous videos to free some storage space. Only in case an accented or even occurs, the videos are saved and the camera’s software will know not to delete them.


I was surprised to read that this dashcam also has built-in WIFI. You can connect your smartphone to it and manage the videos. Not all dashcams in this price range come with WIFI – so in this case, it’s a big advantage.

Anker Roav Dashboard Camera
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It;s really not hard to setup and install this dashcam. Also, it’s very easy to use. Just install it once and forget about it. It will start recording  when you start the car, and will turn off some time after you turn off your car. You don’t have to mess with it on daily basis so that’s good. On YouTube you can find many tutorial videos that show how to install and operate dashcams. I found these videos to be super useful for beginners.


If you need a good dashboard camera with very good video sensor and quality – defiantly consider buying Anker Roav. I really doubt it you will be able to find a better camera in this price category, with as much features.


Anker Roav Dash Cam
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