AUKEY Dash Cam Review

The AUKEY dashboard camera receives really good reviews and ratings online. Today I will review this device and tell you if it’s really worth buying. I will also tell you about the alternatives and the differences between them.

Video Quality

The AUKEY dash cam uses the Exmor IMX323 video sensor. It is made by Sony, so you can be sure it is a high quality sensor. The video quality it offers is really good. The camera records in 1080P  and uses 170 degrees, wide angle lens. A good video sensor is worthless if the CPU is weak, but no worries – AUKEY chose to use the NT96655 CPU – powerful and reliable. It contributes to the video quality and processioning as well. Another great dashcam that uses a Sony sensor (but a little bit better one which offers better video quality) is DOD TECH LS460W (Amazon link). It is a very popular dashcam, and definitely worth buying in my opinion. It does offer a better overall video quality.

AUKEY Dash Cam
AUKEY Dash Cam

Another good dashboard camera you should check out is Rexing V1 (Amazon link). It’s one of the most popular branded dashcams worldwide. It’s easy to use, offers very good video quality, and on top of all that – supports memory cards up to 128GB !


The AUKEY dashcam has a 2.0″ screen. It’s not very big – but just enough for normal usage. Many people don’t like dashcams with a big screen, I persoanlly think that 2.0″ is the minimum. The screen quality of the AUKEY dashboard camera is very good.

Memory Card

The AUKEY camera supports memory cars up to 128GB – a huge advantage. The memory card is not included. Many dashcams  in this price category only support cards up to 32/64GB. The reason for that is that in order to support 128GB memory cards – the company must use more expensive CPU and storage management module.  Do keep in mind that AUKEY recommends using memory cards of class 10 or more. Class 10 defines the minimum read/write speeds. Don’t worry – these memory cards are not very expensive, unless you want to buy the 128GB memory cards for example.

AUKEY Dashcam


You can use the included 3M pads (or the suction mount) to fasten the dashcam to your windshield. Then, you need to connect the car charger and connect it to the dashcam. That’s it. Power it on – and it works ! The setup is really easy and should not take you more than 5-10 minutes.

AUKEY Dash Cam
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Value For Money

The AUKEY Dash Cam offers amazing value for your money. It records in great quality, supports 128GB Microsd cards, and it is very easy to use. If your budget is tight but you want a good dashcam – don’t waste your time – buy this camera today !

I hope you liked my AUKEY dash cam review. If you have any questions regarding this device, or any other dashboard camera – feel free to comment below and we will gladly help you. Check out other great reviews on our website as well !


AUKEY Dash Cam
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4.8 / 5 stars

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