INSIQ AW5 Car Dashcam Review

The INSIQ AW5 dashcam is pretty popular now. Thousands of people use it, and most reviews of it online are very positive. I think it’s time for us to review it as well.  So, is it worth buying, and what are the alternatives? let’s see :

Video Quality

The INSIQ AW5 records in 2K – which is much better than the standard 1080P resolution most dashcams offer. The video quality is great – sharp and clear. If you want the videos to be smoother – I recommend choosing the 1080P recording resolution which offers 45FPS (frames per seconds). The smoother the video is – the better the number plates are captured and seen. Another great dashcam which records very smooth videos is Rexing V1 (Amazon link). It’s really popular by the way and I like it very much (a review of it was posted on our website a while back by the way). The video quality of INSIQ AW5 at nighttime is good as well thanks to the high quality video sensor. It also uses the H.264 compression technology.

INSIQ AW5 Car Dash Camera

If you want a dashcam with even better video quality – I highly recommend checking out the KDLINKS X1 (Amazon link) dashcam. It’s one of the most successful dash cams that came out in the recent years. It’s very reliable and feature’s a USA made video sensor which provides really good video quality. It also has a built-in GPS which many will find very useful.


INSIQ AW5 has many different features. The built-in G sensor will detect accidents and prevent over-writing of the memory card.  The camera also turns on automatically upon engine ignition. There is a built-in battery, so the camera will still record for a short period of time after you turned the car off. This is very important since many accidents happen after the car is parked. This is called “parking mode” and in my opinion – it’s a must have feature. Some cameras feature a bigger built-in battery, but in most cases it’s just not necessary.

Memory Card

INSIQ AW5 comes with a 32GB memory card included. I highly recommend upgrading it buy buying a 64GB MicroSD instead (bigger memory cards like 128GB won’t be supported – so don’t buy them !). It is important to buy a good one since this camera can record in 2K. That means at least class – 10 , or better. MicroSD memory cards are not expensive – so it’s not a problem. You can of course just use the included memory card – it’s good enough.


It’s very easy to install and setup this dashcam – there are even many tutorials on YouTube (not for this model, but it is not different from any other dashcam). If you never done that before – I recommend letting an expert do the job for you. After the installation – configure the settings once, and that’s it. The camera works by itself – it knows when to turn on and when off, and records in loops.

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Value For Money

INSIQ AW5 is indeed a very good dash cam that offers great value for your money. The video quality is excellent, and overall everything works perfectly well. It is very easy to use and has many features. Is it worth buying? in my opinion – defiantly. Few years ago cameras this good costed much more. If your budget is not limited – then you can find much better dashcams online (some of them were mentioned in the video quality section), but for those who need a basic dashcam – INSIQ AW5 is perfect !

I hope you will find this  INSIQ AW5 review useful. You can check out other dashcams reviews on our website as well – for example, our popular Rexing V1 review.


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4.8 / 5 stars

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