ITrue X3 Dashcam Review

This my review of a unique and very popular dahscam called ITrue X3 (Amazon link). Here are my impressions :

Video Quality – Daytime And Night

The video quality of the ITrue X3 dashboard camera is very good. The videos look very nice and sharp. The recording angle is very wide (170

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degree), and overall – the video quality and clearness is great. At night, the quality is good as well (thanks to the WDR video system) – and that’s important. I came cross many dashcams (some very very expensive) that did not record in great quality at night – many times the price is not an indication.

Many people comment on our website and ask us what is the best dashcam currently available. The Itrue X3 dashcam offers good video quality, but it’s not the best dahsboard camera you can find. In my opinion – Street Guardian SG9665GC (Amazon link) is currently the best dashcam you can buy. It uses Sony’s IMX322 sensor – and the video quality is amazing. At the end of the day – it’s all about how much you can afford spending. Good dashcams are not cheap. Do keep in mind that not all people need “the best” dashboard camera. For most customers – ITrue X3 is more than enough.

Setup Process And Usage

I personally installed many dashcams – so for me – the installation process is pretty easy. But – if you never installed a dashboard camera before, and don’t know much about your car’s electricity system – let a professional do the work for you.

ITrue X3 is very easy to use. Just setup it once, and it will work automatically. When you ignite the car, it turns on, and when you turn off the car – it turns off and saves the footage. Nothing complex at all.

ITrue X3 Dash Cam


Like most other dashcmas, ITrue X3 has a G-sensor. In a case of an accident, the device will save the footage and prevent over-writing. That’s a very important feature of course.

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I hope you found my ITrue X3 review helpful. If you have questions about this dashcam – comment below. Also, check out other dashcam reviews on our website (there are many of those ::) ).

ITrue X3 Dashcam
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5 / 5 stars

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