KDLINKS is one of my favorite car dash cam manufactures. Today I will review one of their most advanced models. It has 2 cameras – rear and front facing. Here is my KDLINKS DX2 review :

Video Quality

As I mentioned, the KDLINKS DX2 dash cam has 2 cameras. The front one records in Full HD – 1080P, while the rear camera records in 720P.  The video quality of both cameras is great. The videos look very sharp and clear. You can easily read the plate numbers. The lens are wide angle too – which is very important. The video quality at night is good as well. I do want to mention that if video quality is very important for you – I also recommend checking out the Z-EDGE S3 (Amazon link) dash cam. The S3 model has 2 cameras as well, the front one records in 1440P. Both dash cams are great, choose the one you like the most.


Another great dashcam I recommend checking out is Falcon Zero F360+ (Amazon link). The design is obviously different since this camera comes with a mirror . This model is very popular and receive many good ratings and reviews online. Falcon Zero produces different dashcam models – and most all of them are popular.


You can find many videos on YouTube that show how to install a dash cam in your car. It’s pretty easy, but of course we must mention – if you don’t know how to do it – maybe allow a professional help you with that. The KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD dashcam works by itself – turns on as soon as you ignite the car, and turns off when you leave. Once you installed it and took care of the basic settings, you can pretty much forget about it. It works really well, no problems (and this is not the first KDLINKS DX2 review mentioning that).

The device comes with a 16GB MicroSD memory card, which I highly recommend upgrading to 32GB. You can find many different 32GB memory cards online. Make sure the one you are buying is at least class 10.

G Sensor

The built in G sensor will make sure that in case of an accident – the footage will be saved and not overwritten. The way dashcams work is writing new video files and deleting the old ones. But in case that something happens – you don’t want the old videos to be deleted. The G sensor takes care of that.

Value For Money

As you probably understood from this KDLINKS DX2 review-  this device is defiantly not the cheapest dash cam out there. But it is totally worth it in my opinion. For a dash cam with 2 cameras, and this video quality – the price is very reasonable of course. If you are not sure this is the best camera for your needs – check out the other similar models I mentioned on this page. As I mentioned in the beginning – I like KDLINK’S products very much. The company stands behind their products and the customer support is excellent.

I hope you found this KDLINKS DX2 review useful. If you have any questions about this device – feel free to comment below. You can also read other dash ca mreviews on our website. We do our best to review the latest and the most popular dashboard cameras sold online. We hope you will find our reviews helpful and that they will help you choose the best dashcam for your needs.

P.S : If you are interested in action cameras – make sure to check our updated fitfort action camera review.


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