LEVIN Dash Cam Review

More and more people choose to install a dashcam in their car. In the past they were expensive, bulky and the video quality was not good. But now – it’s completely different. Today I will review a popular model – the LEVIN dash cam.

Video Quality

The LEVIN dashcam uses the NT96550 Chipset and AR0330 6G lens. The video quality is very good. The camera dash camera records in 1920×1080 (if you need a dashcam with better resolution, check out the Z-Edge Z3 – Amazon link. It’s amazing and records in 2K). You can also record in 720P and 480P, in case you want the videos to take less space.

Levin Dashcam

The built-in G sensor will save the footage and disable the loop recording option. The G sensor is very important because many people forget to manually save the recorded video, so it’s good to have a backup.


The screen size is 1.5″. It’s fairly clear in sunlight, and the quality of it is pretty good. I know that some people prefer dashcams with bigger screens, like Rexing V1 (Amazon link) – another great dashcams worth checking out. It really depends on you – for most people the 1.5″ screen will be enough.

Memory Card

The Levin dashcam supports memory cards up to 32GB. Don’t buy a 64/128GB one because it won’t be supported. Some dashcams offer support of cards up to 128GB, but in most of cases – they cost more money. In my opinion – 32GB is enough. Keep in mind that the memory card is not included, buy one online – they are pretty cheap. Remember that this camera records in loops. If nothing happens, the previous videos are deleted to free some space. Only if an accident occurs, this feature is disabled and the video clips and saved.

LEVIN Dashcam
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It’s pretty easy to setup this dashcam, there are many YouTube videos you can watch that demonstrate anything. Since it involves connecting the camera to the car power source, I recommend asking the help of a professional if you never installed a dashcam before.

In the box you will find a mounting bracket, a charging cable, adhesive tape and instructions. You have to buy a memory card separately.


The LEVIN cam is great for those who need an affordable dash camera and need good video quality. This device provides good value for your money. It’s easy to use, and works really well.

I hope you liked my LEVIN dashcam review. If you have questions about this camera – comment below. Also, check out other great reviews on our website. We try to review the latest and most innovative dashcams out there. If you have any suggestions – feel free to send us a message.

LEVIN Dash Cam
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