Lumina 1080P Dash Cam Review

More and more drivers choose to install a dashcam in their car. In the past they were expensive and did not provide good video quality – but nowadays it’s completely different. There are hundreds of affordable and great dash cams that anyone can buy. Today I will review one of them. Here is my Lumina dash cam review :

Video Quality

The Lumina dash cam records in 1080P. The video quality is very good – everything looks sharp and clear. Is it the dashboard camera with the best video quality I ever came across? surely not. But for the price – it’s really good. In fact – there are quite some more expensive dashcams with the same video recording quality.

It’s important to mention, that like many other dashboard cameras – it supports MicroSD memory cards up to 32GB. For most people that’s enough, but it’s always better to have a dash cam that supports 64GB cards as well. For example – the YI dashcam (Amazon link). This dashboard camera is made by Xiaomi – a well known company. Not only it provides amazing video quality (thanks to the great sensor) – but it also supports 64GB memory cards !

Lumina 1080p Dash Cam
Lumina 1080p Dash Cam

If you want a dashcam with rear + front recording – I recommend checking out the KDLINKS DX2 (Amazon link) dashcam. It’s in a different price category – but it’s worth it ! Amazing video quality, and that’s not surprising – in my opinion, KDLINKS is one of the best dashcam manufactures in the world !


On YouTube you can find hundreds of tutorial videos that show how to install a dashcam.  Of course that if you don’t know anything about it – maybe you should ask a professional to do the work for you. Since this dashboard camera is pretty small – it’s almost invisible. Make sure you install it in the right place – and after some time you won’t even notice it’s there !


The Lumina 1080P dash cam has a built-in G sensor. That’s very important, because using it – the camera knows to stop over writing in a case of an accident. The way this camera works is always writing new video files, and deleting the previous ones. But if an accident happens – you want to prevent it from deleting the recorded video. And thanks to the G sensor – it’s possible.

Lumina 1080p Dash Cam
Lumina 1080p Dash Cam
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Value For Money

If you are looking for a basic dash cam, and your budget is limited – defiantly consider buying this device. It provides amazing value for your money. The video quality is good, and overall – the device works really well. Of course that if your budget allows it – there are dashcams with better video quality. But many people look for the most basic dashboard camera – and for those – this one is perfect.

Lumina 1080P Dash Cam
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4.8 / 5 stars

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