Pruveeo F5 Car Dash Cam Review

Many people nowadays install dashcam in their car. There are many of them to choose from online. Some are super expensive, while other are really cheap. Choosing the perfect dashboard camera is not easy. Today I will review a very popular model – Pruveeo F5. I hope that my review will help you decide if it’s good for your needs or not.

Video Quality

The Pruveeo F5 dashcam can record in 1080P and 720P. There are 4K dashcams as well, but honestly – most people just don’t need them. A good Full HD dashcam like Pruveeo F5 provides great video quality and you can really see small details. The camera uses the AVI format for recording – which is good since it keeps the videos small without losing too much video quality. A similar dashcam I really like is Rexing V1 (Amazon link). It is very popular now and provides even better video quality.

Pruveeo F5 Car Dash Cam

Another great dashcam I recommend checking out is ITrue X3 (Amazon link). It’s small and provides great video quality, even at night. It is indeed in a different price category, but if you can afford it – defiantly buy it ! There are many reviews of it online and it seems like people really like it.

Memory Card

This dashcam supports MicroSD memory cards up to 32GB. Many people do the mistake of using a larger card (for example – 64GB) – only to discover that all their videos are gone. Don’t do that. Just buy a good class 10 MicroSD memory card, and it will work perfectly well. The camera records in loops – so there is no real need for many storage space. In case something happens (like an accident) – press the button and the loop recording will be disabled. Your video clip will be saved and not be written over.


The Pruveeo F5 car dash cam has a built-in emergency battery. It’s pretty small – 320mA, but does the work. Keep in mind that this battery should work only in emergencies – you should keep the dashcam itself connected to external power source while you use it. This battery will prevent videos being deleted in case something happens with your car.

Pruveeo Dashcam
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Build Quality

Pruveeo F5 is very sturdy, but you know – there is no reason to drop it on the floor. This camera should work well for many years – no problem with that. I came across many expensive dashcams in the past that were made from cheap materials and were not well built. That’s not the case with Pruveeo F5. It’s amazing that you can get such a great camera for so little money.


I was very suprised to read that this dashcam also has built-in WIFI. You can connect your phone to it and download the videos directly. This is very useful for those who don’t want to take the MicroSD memory card out each time.

Value For Money

If you are looking for a basic and cheap, yet reliable dashcam – defiantly consider buying this one. You won’t be disappointed – the video quality is great and the price – very affordable ! It’s not suprrising that this camera sells very well. There are many review of it online, and it seems like most people are really satisfied with it.

I you have any questions about this dash cam – feel free to comment below.

Pruveeo F5 Car Dash Cam
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4.8 / 5 stars

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