REXING S300 Dashcam Review

Rexing’s dahsboard cameras are used by thousends. I really like the quality of their products, and today I will review one of they “top” dashcams – the Rexing S300 (Amazon link).

Video Quality – Day And Night

As you may already know – there are hundreds of cheap dashcams online. Rexing S300 is not one of them. The video quality it offers is ten times better than any “cheap” Chinese dashboard camera. The recording quality is good even at night time, and that’s a very important thing. The videos look very sharp, and the recording angle is pretty wide as well (170 degree – that’s a lot !).

REXING S300 comes with a 16GB MicroSD memory card. This dashcam supports memory cards of up to 32GB – that’s a lot of recording time! You can find different MicroSD memory cards online, they are fairly inexpensive.

Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon

Screen Size

The built-in screen is pretty big – 2.7″. That’s above average I would say. Many people really look for those dashcams that come with a big screen, but some prefer smaller screens. I highly recommend checking out Rexing’s V1 dashcam (Amazon link) if you want to see a dashcam with a smaller screen. It’s a great dashcam as well.

Setup Process

The installation process of any dashcam is fairly easy. I did it myself many times. But if you don’t know much about car’s electricity system – defiantly let a professional do the work for you. There are many tutorial videos on YouTube that clearly explain the installation process of dashcams.REXING S300 Dashboard Camera


If an accident happens, and your car is involved – the camera detects that (using the G sensor) and saves the footage automatically. It will prevent any further over-writing of course.

Value For Money

There are so many dashcams online. I think the REXING S300 dashboard camera is leading in it’s price category. It offers amazing video quality, and you defiently can’t compare it with cheaper dashcams. You really get what you payed for.

Similar Dashcams

Rexing V1View On Amazon
Rexing V1
View On Amazon

If you have questions about the REXING S300 dashcam – comment below. I hope you will find my REXING S300 review helpful. If you still can’t decide which dashcam is the best one for your needs – check out other dashcam reviews on our website. We tested tens of different dashboard cameras. We reviewed expensive, as well as very affordable dashcams. Not always an expensive dashcam is better than a cheap one. That’s why we are here. We hope our dashcam reviews will help you choose the best dashboard camera for your needs.

Also, be sure to check out our Rexing V1 review. It’s a great dashboard camera as well.

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