Rexing V1 Dash Cam Review

The Rexing V1 (Amazon link) dashcam is very popular. Thousands of people use it. I decided to test it out and see if it’s worth buying.

Video Quality

I must say that I am very surprised by the video quality of the Rexing V1 camera. It’s really good ! It records in Full HD, and the videos look sharp and nice ! Even at night, the quality is not bad at all ! In the past, I came acorss few fairly expensive dashcams with poor video quality. Many people think that the more a dashcam costs, the better video quality it provides. It’s not always true. I recommend buying a basic 32GB Sandisk MicroSD memory card for this camera. There is no need to buy a “fast” or premium one – there will be no difference.

If you can spend extra money, and want a dashcam with much better video quality – check out the KDLINKS X1 dashcam (Amazon link). It’s amazing ! In my opinion – one of the best dsashcams you can buy nowadays.


The design is discreet. It’s a small dashboard camera with a pretty small screen. Many people don’t like big dashcams since they block the view and distract the driver in some cases.

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The Rexing V1 dashboard cameras has wide-angle (170 degrees) , 6-layers glass lens . That’s why the videos look so nice and sharp. The wide angle recording is very important.

Ease Of Use And Setup

The setup process of Rexing V1 is fairly simple, but if you never did it before – I highly recommend letting a professional do the work. The device is very easy to use. The menus are easy to navigate, and the user interface is good. You can access the setting easily, and configure everything within minutes.

Special Features

The Rexing V1 dashcam supports loop recording and has a built-in G sensor for auto accident detection. It works really well. In a case of an accident, the camera will prevent overwriting and auto save to footage.

Similar Dashcams

KDLINKS X1View On Amazon
View On Amazon

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Old Version (Old Review) :

Are you looking to buy a dash cam and don’t know which one to choose? Well, that’s not surprising since there are so many dash cams to choose from. A good dash cam will last many years. The Rexing V1 Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams you can buy these days. Its video quality is very good – even at night. It has a built in G sensor that will detect any accident and record it. Many cheap dashcams may look nice – but their video quality is just bad. Why buy a dashcam like that and waste your money. It’s better to invest some extra money and get a quality dashcam that will work smoothly and perfectly for many years.

Of course you can find cheaper dash cams online – but their quality is not as good as Rexing’s V1. You should defiantly consider buying this great dash cam. You really won’t regret buying it !On Amazon you will find many reviews of this dashcam. I can say for sure that most people really like this product. Yes, these dashcam does have some cons – but you can’t find a dashcam without some.

On this page you will find Rexing V1 alternatives. The Black Box B40 Dashcam is one of them. It’s a great dashcam as well – it costs pretty much the same. The design is similar too and the customer reviews are positive as well. I personally like the Rexing V1 more. i recommend reading some reviews on Amazon brefore choosing which dashcam to buy.

So, this was our Rexing V1 review. If you have any questions – comment below.


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