SEYDI F1 Car Dashcam Review

Thinking about buying a car dashcam but can’t decide which one to purchase? well, that’s pretty common because there are so many of them. Today I will review a very good dashcam that recieves great ratings online – SEYDI F1.

Video Quality

The SEYDI F1 car dashcam uses the powerful Ambarella A7 LA70 chipset, along with the OV4689 CMOS sensor. Thanks to them, the video quality is really good. In fact, this camera can even record in 2K (2560 x 1080) at 30FPS (frames per second). That’s excellent ! Another popular dashcam that records in 2K is Z-Edge Z3 (Amazon link). SEYDI F1 also supports 60 FPS, at 1080P. I persoanlly think that it is better to record at 1080P because it takes less storage space and the videos are smoother. But don’t get me wrong – the video quality at 2K is excellent !

SEYDI F1 dashcam

Another great dashcam you should check out is Vantrue R2 (Amazon link). This model is fairly old – but still offers amazing value for your money. It records in 2K and offers great video quality. No wonder it became so popular. Is it better than SEYDI F1? well, that’s a hard question. Each one has its own pros and cons, check both devices and see which one you like more.


SEYDI F1 comes with a GPS module which is very useful. It will record GPS data to the video, which can be read later on using the player. Not all dashcams in this price category come with a GPS – so it’s a big advantage. Many people don’t think it’s a useful feature – but trust me, one day you will need it, and it will save you a lot of time and money. The GPS module is pretty accurate and works perfectly well. 


The screen on this dashcam is pretty big – 2.7″. Most dashcams come with a 1.5-2.0″ screen, which many people find too small. I think 2.7″ is great, but if you don’t like big screens – then maybe you should look into other alternatives. The screen itself is sharp and clear.


It’s very easy to setup and install SEYDI F1, should not take you more than few minutes. Just connect it to a power source using the cable, use the suction cup to attach it to your window – and start using the camera ! The camera even comes with a 32GB memory card – so you can start using it right away.

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Memory Card

This dashboard camera supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB. It is recommended to buy a 64GB class 10 memory card, especially if yo plan on recording at 2K. A slow memory card may cause problems. Class 10 MicroSDs are not expensive at all. I recommend Sandisk’s and Sony’s MicroSD cards – great value for the money, and high speeds. It is important to mention that there are also dashcams that support memory cards up to 128GB- which is a huge advantage in my opinion. One of them is Anker Roav (Amazon link).


If you need a good dashcam with excellent video quality and resolution – consider buying this device. It also has a big screen, GPS and many other useful features. It’s amazing to think that a dashcam this good costs relatively, so little. In the past cameras not nearly as good costed twice as much !

I hope you will find my SEYDI F1 review useful. If you have any questions about this device or other dashcams – feel free to comment below.

SEYDI F1 Car Dashcam
Written by: ReviewBez
4.7 / 5 stars

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