Street Guardian SG9665GC Review

If you you searched for dashcams online, then you probably noticed there are hundreds of cheap ones. Some of them are pretty nice, but believe me -they are not nearly as good as the Street Guardian SG9665GC (Amazon link) dashboard camera. This time I will review it and explain why in my opinion, it’s one of the best dashcams out there.

Video Quality

Street Guardian SG9665GC features Sony’s Exmor IMX322 CMOS sensor. The video quality is amazing. It’s clear and sharp – even at night. Most dashcams out there use cheap, generic CMOS sensors. Street Guardian really chose a “premium” sensor, and you can see that. If you never owned a good dashcam like this before, you will be amazed. The video quality of those cheap dashcams you can find only is not even nearly as good as Street Guardian’s dashcam. You get what you pay for.

Update : Street Guardian also sells the SGZC12SG dashcam (Amazon link). I recommend checking it out as well. It’s design is different and it too offers exceptional video recording quality.

Street Guardian SG9665GC
Street Guardian SG9665GC
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Street Guardian SG9665GC V2 has a built in G-sensor. If an accident will occur, the device will detect it and save the footage. Any over-writing will be prevented. Also, this device is GPS enabled. That means you can easily connect an external GPS antenna to it. That’s very useful, most dashboard cameras don’t offer that.


The screen of the SG9665GC dashcam is 1.5″. It’s not very big, and that’s because this dashboard camera supposed to be small and not noticeable. Some people prefer dashcams with big screens, but in my opinion it’s really not critical. The most important thing is the recording quality and reality.

Street Guardian SG9665GC Packege

MicroSD Support

The new firmware now supports MicroSD memory cards up to 200GB ! That’s a lot of storage space, you can store months worth of footage on a memory card this big. For most people in my opinion, 32GB MicroSD memory card will be enough. But it always good to know that just in case- you can use bigger memory cards.


The instillation process of this dashcam is easy, but I recommend you to let a professional do it if you never did it before. On YouTube there are many tutorial videos that show, step by step – how to install and setup dashcams.

After you install everything, turn on the camera, plug in the MicroSD memory card, and that’s it ! The device will work automatically. It should turn on when you ignite the car, and turn off few minutes after the car is shut off. The camera interface is available in many languages (English, Spanish, Russian and others) so that’s great.

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Street Guardian SG9665GC
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