Vantrue OnDash R2 Review

This time I will review Vantrue’s new dashcam – the Vantrue OnDash R2 (Amazon link). In the past, I tested different products made by the company – and was impressed by their quality. Let’s see if their new dashboard camera is worth buying too :

Video Quality – 4.7/5

The video quality of the Vantrue R2 dashcam is very impressive. This camera records in 2k – that’s amazing ! Most dashcams record in Full HD, but Vantrue really wanted to create a unique product with “better than average” recording quality. And in my opinion – they nailed it ! The recording quality is pretty good at night as well thanks to the OV4689 CMOS sensor.

View On Amazon
View On Amazon

If you want to check out other dashcams with 2K reocrding resultion – check out PAPAGO GS520 (Amazon link). It’s popular as well, and provides great value for your money in my opinion.


Like most other dashcams, Vantrue OnDash R2 also has a built-in G sensor. In a case of an accident, the device detects the event, stops the recording and prevents overwriting. You can also enable a motion detection feature – very useful and works really well.


This dashboard camera features a fairly big, 2.7″ TFT screen. It’s quality is not too bad. Many people really look for these dashcams with a bigger than average screen. But do remember than some people actually look for devices with smaller screens, since they are more “compact” and less distracting. So keep that in mind.

Vantrue OnDash R2 2K

Setup And Ease Of Use

The setup of Vantrue R2 is fairly simple. I think that many people will be able to install it themselves without any problem. But even if do have trouble with the installation- I’m sure you can find someone (or just go to a specialist) that can help you with that. If you don’t know what you are doing – then don’t install it yourself. Playing with the car electricity can be dangerous.

The camera is easy to use, everything works by itself pretty much. The recording start automatically, and you can stop it manually.

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Vantrue OnDash R2
Written by: ReviewBez
4.8 / 5 stars

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