ASUS VM42-S075V Desktop Review

Today I will review the ASUS VM42-S075V (Amazon link) mini PC. This device is fairly popular worldwide. I will test it, and talk about alternatives and similar devices.

Technical Details

The Asus VivoPC VM42 is a powerful mini PC. It features Intel’s Celeron 2957U processor, The specs are really good for the price. I can tell you for sure it’s not a gaming

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machine, but for everyday usage / media player – it’s great. Intel definitely knows a thing or two about making great PCs. Nowadays, many people choose to buy a mini PC, since today’s devices are very powerful. In the past, PCs that small were not nearly as powerful !

If you are looking for a mini PC with an AMD processor- check out ZOTAC ZBOX M (Amazon link). It offers great value for money too.

USB Ports

This mini PC has 4 USB 3.0 ports. You can use them to connect a keyboard and a mouse, a flash drive etc.. If you need more USB ports, consider buying a USB hub separately. Data transfer speeds are very good (USB 3.0).


Using a standart HDMI cable, you can connect the ASUS VM42-S075V desktop PC to your TV or computer screen. Many people use it as a streaming device -just connect it to your TV, pair it with a wireless keyboard and you are set ! The setup is really easy as well. The device runs Windows.


ASUS VM42-S075V is well designed. It looks like a premium device, and it’s made from high-quality materials. I know that not all consumers really care about the design of their mini PC, but for me – it’s important. When I pay money for a product, I want it to work well and look good.

Similar Devices

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Are you looking to buy a small and compact mini PC? As you may already know, there are many of those you can buy online. Choosing the best mini PC is not easy at all. Today I would like to review the ASUS VM42-S075V mini PC. This device is powerful, compact and not expensive at all. The processor is powerful enough for most people. This desktop is not for heavy gaming or Photoshop editing. But – if you just need a small desktop for internet browsing, watching movies and playing small games – the ASUS VM42-S075V desktop is perfect for you.  It has 500GB of internal storage, and it comes with a bonus : 100GB of webstorage (for 1 year). It’s a service Asus provides  – you can use it to backup tour important files.ASUS VM42-S075V Desktop Review

The ASUS VM42-S075V is well built, and I really like it’s design. Asus is well known for their well made, and nice looking laptops. Not many know that Asus also makes great mini PCs. This days, more and more people are buying this small desktops computers. You can place them anywhere, and they are pretty powerful (if you buy a good model). There are some very powerful mini PCs out there – but they are very expensive. Most people don’t need a PC that strong. For most people – a device like ASUS VM42 is more than enough.

I recommend buying the Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard as well. You can easily connect it to your mini PC. It’s very cheap as well, and can be bought directly from Amazzon.

I hope you liked my ASUS VM42 review. If you have any questions about this PC, comment below or contact us directly. Also, check out other computer related reviews on our website.


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