CMX AML8726-MX Android TV Box Review


  • Comes with XBMC pre loaded.
    CMX AML8726-MX  Android TV Box
    CMX AML8726-MX Android TV Box

    Smoothly plays 1080P videos (FULL HD).

  • Android 4.2 operating systemץ
  • You can download any app and game from the Play Store.



CMX AML8726-MX Is Perfect For Those Who Look For:

  • A cheap Android TV box.
  • A TV box running the Android operating system.

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Are you looking to buy the CMX AML8726-MX Android TV box? you came to the right place ! The CMX AML8726-MX is a pretty pupular Android TV box used by hundreds worldwide. This TV CMX AML8726-MXbox runs the Android operating system. You can access the Play Store and download any game or app you want from there. There is a huge amount of apps you can download completly free. Some apps do cost money – but most of them are cheap. This Android TV box is great for gaming and watching videos. It’s not perfect for XBMC. If you don’t plan on using it for this – then this Android TV box may be perfect for you.  It’t not expensive at all ! If you need an Android TV box but don’t want to spend too much – the CMX AML8726-MX is perfect for you !

The CMX AML8726-MX is not the most powerful TV box out there – and that’s why it’s cheap. The thing is – not all people really need a super powerful TV box, and for those – this device is just great.

On our website you can find many TV box reviews we posted. We posted hundreds of those reviews. TV boxes are now very popular worldiwde and many people are buying them. Why spend so much money on a Smart TV when there is such a big selection of devices you can buy for this cheap ! Some people that already bought a Smart TV – stil lbuying an Android TV box beacuse it has more features and options.

We hope you liked our CMX AML8726-MX review. Make sure to comment and share this review 🙂

Written by: ReviewBez
4.8 / 5 stars

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