EVANPO T95Z Android TV Box Review

EVANPO T95Z is one of my favorite Android TV boxes that came out in the last few years. Today I will review this device and tell you about its features.


The EVANPO T95Z  Android TV Box uses the Amlogic S912 cortex-A53 CPU, and Mali-T820MP3 GPU. Thanks to them, this device can run pretty much any app, and you can also use it for moderate gaming. It supports the  4k resolution, with a small delay (which is pretty common with devices in this price category). If you need a more powerful device that offers better video quality as well – check out the SkyStream ONE (Amazon link) Android TV box. It’s really popular and works amazingly well.

EVANPO Android TV Box T95Z

Another great TV box worth checking out is NVIDIA Shield (Amazon link). It’s one of the most advanced devices you can find. It’s perfect for gaming, and much more powerful than the standard TV boxes most people buy. It also supports Android apps and games. You can find thousends of reviews of this device, it’s a real game changer.

Operating System

EVANPO T95Z runs Android 6.0 – which is a very stable version, full of useful features. Most Android TV boxes run some version of Android 4, which is not as good as Android 6.0. Android is the worlds most popular smartphones and TV boxes operating system. There are hundreds of thousends of Android games and apps that you can download for free. Android is also easy to use and offers many advance features and options.

Ease Of Use

Since EVANPO T95Z runs Android, it’s super easy to use and setup this device. In fact, if you already have an Android smartphone – you already know almost everything needed to operate this device. You can also connect a USB mouse and keyboard to the device, but that’s not really necessary since it comes with a wireless remote control.

EVANPO T95Z supports many different audio and video formats, including AVI, MOV, FLAC, MP3 and more. You can also stream from your PC, using different apps which are free. You can also use the memory card slot to expend the memory space and run videos, apps, and music locally.

In The Box

You will find the TV box itself, a US power adapter, remote control, user manual, HDMI  cable and a wireless keyboard with backlight. It’s very easy to setup the device. Just connect it to power, and then use the HDMI cable to connect your TV to the box. Power it on, and start using it. The inlcuded wireless keyboard is very good, easy to type – and it’s pretty good for Internet browsing as well since it has a built in touch mouse.

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Value For Money

If you want a powerful Android TV box that can run almost all apps and games -* consider buying this device. I am sure that in the future it will become even more popular because it indeed offers amazing value for the money.

EVANPO T95Z Android TV Box Review
Written by: ReviewBez
4.8 / 5 stars

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