GooBang Doo M8 Review

As you may already know – there are a lot of Android TV boxes to choose from. Some are powerful, some are cheap and some have speacial features. Choosing the best Android TV box is not a simple task. Today I will review the  GooBang Doo M8  Android TV box .


This device is powerful enough to play Full HD videos, run most Android apps and even games.  Now, I surly can’t say it is the most powerful TV box I ever tested- but for the price, it is great. Not all people need a fancy and super powerful Android TV box (that costs more money of course). Many just need a basic device that can smotohly play videos and basic apps. And for those – GooBang Doo M8 is perfect !

GooBang Doo M8

There is a little bit more powerful version called Goobang Doo M8S Plus (Amazon). I think it’s much better because of it’s CPU, but again – buy it only if you really need that extra power. You can also check other Android TV boxes online, there are hundreds of them. It’s very important to read reviews online before deciding to buy one. This can save you a lot of money.


There are 2 USB (2.0) USB ports. This allows you to connect your flash thumb drive, keyboard or even mouse directly. USB HDD drives are also supported and that’s a huge advantage. You can buy a simple external HDD online for cheap and store enormous amount of videos, files and images in it. Not all Android TV boxes out there support USB HDD drives, since it requires higher voltage ports.

Operating System

Since this device runs the Android operating system (4.4 version) – you can install almost any Android app or game you want on it. There are hundreds of thousends of different apps that can be downloaded for free. The device comes with different apps like Kodi pre-installed, so that should save you some time.

GooBang Doo M8 comes with a remote control buy I recommend buying a good wireless keyboard for it as well. It will make typing easier and faster. There are many wireless keyboards made specifically for Android TV boxes. One of the best ones in my opinion is the GooBang’s wireless keyboard (Amazon link).

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You can connect a wireless gaming controller to the GooBang Doo M8 and make it a “gaming console”. These controllers can be bought online. Some of them are wireless and some just connect to a USB port. This device is fairly powerful, and you should be able to run many Android games on it (not on the highest settings of course). There are so many Android games online. Even those that cost money – are offered for few dollars most of the times.


Overall, GooBang Doo M8 is a great TV box that has way more pros than cons. I think it delivers great value for the money and has a lot to offer. If you have any questions about GooBang Doo M8 – comment below and we will try and provide you with useful answers 🙂

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