JUNING Android TV Box Review

Today I will review the JUNING Android TV Box. It became popular fairly quickly, but is it worth buying? let’s check it out :


The JUNING Android TV Box uses the RK3229 quad-core Cortex-A5 CPU and Mali 450 GPU. It is not the most powerful Android TV box you can get – but for most people it is more than enough. You can view 1080P movies and videos on it without any problem. Can it handle high FPS, and really provide you the video quality a much more expensive device offers? probably not. If your budget allows it – you can also check out the  GooBang Doo T95X  (Amazon link) Android TV box. It is much more powerful and will allow you to do so much more. It supports 64 bits and also can play 4K videos – which is great if you already have a 4K monitor or TV.

JUNING Android TV Box

Another great Android TV Box worth checking out is Leelbox Q1 Pro (Amazon link). It is a little bit more powerful, and works really well. This model is very popular and thousands of people use it worldwide.

Operating System And Apps

The JUNING TV box runs the Android operating system. The version is 4.4 .This is not one of the latest version that came out, but still – it is very good and stable. Android is the leading operating system for TV boxes. It is open source and gives you access to hundreds of thousends of Andorid apps. Many of them are free – icnluding YouTube, Chrome, Pandira and more. There are also thousands of great Android games you can download for free. Some people even buy a wireless game controller and connect it to their TV Box making it a gaming console !

Setup And Usage

The JUNING box is very easy to setup, just like any other Android device. The operating system itself is very easy and user friendly. If you already have an Android smartphone – and like the interface – defiantly buy this TV Box. Some people online post ways to update the operating system of different Android TV boxes, I really don’t recommend doing that since you may end up with a “brick” – a device that does not work.

Value For Money

If you need a very basic Andrroid TV box for basic streaming, web browsing and more – defiantly consider buying this device. It’s great and sold for a very affordable price.  If your budget allows it – you can also check out more powerful devices, like the one mentioned on this page. Other devices will be suitable for Full HD streaming and even gaming. But that does come with a price of course.

If you have any questions about the JUNING  Android TV Box – feel free to comment below. You can also find many other Android TV  box reviews on our website. Choosing a good Android TV Box for your needs is nver easy – we are here to help you decide !

JUNING Android TV Box
Written by: ReviewBez
4.4 / 5 stars

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