KAT-TV Elite Android TV Box – Should You Buy It?

Today I will review and test the KAT-TV Elite Edition  .It’s one of the most powerful Android TV Boxes out there. Let’s see if it’s worth buying or not.

Technical Details – “Power”

The KAT-TV “Elite” Edition Android TV box is extremely powerful. It features the Amlogic S802 CPU, and the MaLi 450 GPU. This device can easily stream/play 4K videos. Everything works smoothly. The KAT TV Android box can also run any Android app out there. You can even install the latest 3D games on it – not a problem at all ! If you hate slow TV boxes, the KAT-TV Elite device is perfect for you. 

I also recommend checking out the  Idroidnation I-box Pro (Amazon link) Android TV Box. If your budget is limited buy you still want a TV box almost as powerful as KAT-TV Elite – this is the perfect TV box for you.

KAT-TV Android TV Box
KAT-TV Elite
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Android Operating System

The KAT-TV Elite Android TV box runs the Android operating system. Since this device is so powerful, everything works really smoothly. No lags or any problems whatsoever.

There are tens of thousends of great Android apps that can be downloaded for free from Google’s Play Store. As I mentioned before, this device can handle pretty much any app or Android game (even the heavy 3D games). The device does come with many useful apps pre-installed. Kodi runs perfectly on the Kat-tv Android TV box. If you plan on using this device as a gaming console as well, I recommend buying a good wireless gaming controller for it. They are not expensive.

Setup And Usage

This device is very easy to use – the user interface is fairly simple (thanks to the Android operating system). The setup process is very simple as well – it only takes few minutes. All you have to do is create/login to your Google account, and you can start using the device !

Package And Accessories

The KAT-TV Elite Android TV Box comes with one HDMI cable, a simple remote control, a power adapter and a manual. I recommend buying a wireless keyboard like Rii i8 – it’s much better than the remote control the device comes with. It actually also has a built-in touchpad. Very useful for sure. There are many other wireless keyboards out there (Logitech actually makes great ones), but in my opinion the Rii i8 is the best one since it is so small and offers so many features.

Similar Devices

Below you can see the Idroidnation I-BOX Pro I mentioned earlier.

 Idroidnation I-Box ProView On Amazon

Idroidnation I-Box Pro
View On Amazon

If you have any questions – feel free to comment below. Also, check out other Android TV box reviews on our website.

KAT-TV Elite Android TV Box
Written by: ReviewBez
5 / 5 stars

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